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 RP before the tag match

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RP before the tag match Empty
PostSubject: RP before the tag match   RP before the tag match I_icon_minitimeSat Oct 18, 2014 4:00 pm

All or nothing by Theory of a dead man plays in the background.
The arena turns dark with blue smoke filling the arena.
An explosion happens and an image started to walk down the ramp.
He stops in front of the ring and the arena lit up bright.
The Mage makes a surprise gesture.......

Jordan Matthewson: Here is The Mage. The black magician, the believer in magic.

James Wilson: Hey Hordan, did you take a look at tonight’s tag match.

Jordan Matthewson: Not really, I’ve been busy, why?

James Wilson: It seems like The Mage will in fact be tagging with his first victim, The Rapper GG Crum to go up against Vadim Borovsky and Xaiver Xerses Xidous.

Jordan Matthewson: Oh really, okay.......

James Wilson: What are you doing, Hordan that’s more important than me clowning on The Mage?

Jordan Matthewson: The Mage made a website called, The Truth. It’s about learning everything about doing mage works.

James Wilson: ...................I was about to say something really crazy, but I don’t think that the GM or FCC wouldn’t like it much.

In the ring

** The Mage lift his right arm towards the sky and a mic lowers into his hands.**

The Mage:Sorry ladies and gentlemen, no magic act tonight.

* Disappointment sounds throughout the crowd. *

The Mage: The Mage, is here, is in your presents, is ready to............complain about this tag match,................

James Wilson: Did The Mage said complain, GM keep up the good work, he’ll soon leave.

Jordan Matthewson: what, huh.........oh yea right?

James Wilson: Look Hordan, is it that important to look at the website then what’s going on in front your face?

Jordan Matthewson: ..................James what are you.........

*James grabs Jordan’s phone and tossed it into the crowd.*

James Wilson: much better.

** The Mage pauses for a second.**

The Mage: It’s my tag partner who i’m teamed with, I beat him in my debut match just to have him be my partner against Vadim Borovsky and xXx.

* The crowd cheers.*

The Mage: So I’m battling a russian zombie with a partner who mom didn’t cared and was too lazy to named, with my partner, to whom I beaten in my very first match who looks like the cross combination of Vanilla Ice and Eminem.

*The Crowd mixer of laughs and boos....*

The Mage: But guess what ladies and gentlemen.........

* The Mage got an excited look on his face...*

The Mage:I’ll kick both Borovsky and X asses without the wanksta help, because I’m The Mage, and I do magic, and make magic happen.

** Someone in the crowd yells out “GG Crum is better than you........”**

James Wilson: Now what you think of your fans The Mage?

Jordan Matthewson: Well something or someone ticked off The Mage, James.

The Mage:You right, As a fan I have no control of what you think, all I can do is, make you a believer.

*The Mage chuckled*

** The crowd chant BEER!!!**

Jordan Matthewson: The Mage is at it again.

James Wilson: Hordan, I don’t know about you but I got my mug here with me right now.

Jordan Matthewson: Can’t you get into trouble for doing that?

James Wilson: Look, this guy is still doing it without a single complaint, then I’m doing it.

Jordan Matthewson: Well I guess......

* The Mage holds a white cloth over his right hand, wiggles his fingers from his left hand, then pulls the cloth up showing a beer mug.*

** The crowd starts chanting drink.**

The Mage:Cheers to you, the fans, SWS and the commentary team.......

* The Mage takes a hug gulp of the brew.*

** The crowd goes into a frenzy.**

Jordan Matthewson: Well at least we’re being recognized.

*James lets out a huge belch.......*
James Wilson: Forget The Mage, that brew hit the spot.

The Mage:well look here, now you see it.....

* The Mage looks into the mug, and holds it upside down.*

The Mage:Now you don’t. In fact, I think I should still perform a magic act for you all.

** The Mage pulls out a coin from his pocket, and shows everyone, then he holds the coin with his thumb and index finger, he then blows on his hand and open his hand to reveal that the coin is gone.....**

Jordan Matthewson: what the.....where did it go?

James Wilson: it’s probably up your.......

*James felt something behind his ear, and pulls out the same coin that disappeared from The Mage’s hand.*

Jordan Matthewson: Hey, what do you know, you had the coin ?

James Wilson: ...................How the hell did he do that?

* The Crowd looks astonished with a lot of oohs and aahs sounds.*

* The Mage takes a huge breath.*

The Mage: Now magic. Oh and one thing that I should of mentioned is that if anyone ever receive a coin from one of my magic acts, and this goes only to the employee and employer of SWS, that the coin represents that you’re an posterior kisser and a douche for the bad news Mr. Wilson.

* The crowd laughs at James Wilson.*

James Wilson: Mage go to hell, damn FCC is preventing from saying more.

*The Mage pause for a second to soak in the laughs......**

The Mage:It’s still a dream for me to being here in front you all showcasing what I can do. Much more better than a magic act. While I’m here, I’ll make sure to make a track record of my achievements. My first tag match will be memorable for my fans out there, and my run in this be interesting. Again for the locker room backstage bullies who running off the mouth without knowledge of what I am, I Am The Mage, I will destroy you in every way possible.

**The Mage facial expression change to anger.*

The Mage: But what you could do is stay in the back area and mingle like a couple of girls gossiping about there female parts, or........or you can find your retarded crippled two left feet behind down here right into this ring with you Care Bear doll and COME GET SOME!!!!!!!!!!!

Jordan Matthewson: The Mage is fired up, and ready to roll, James.

James Wilson: I got something for him..........

End of segment..............
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Kraz J
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Intercontinental Champion
Kraz J

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RP before the tag match Empty
PostSubject: Re: RP before the tag match   RP before the tag match I_icon_minitimeSat Oct 18, 2014 8:43 pm

The stage erupts with flames as Sick of It by Skillet blares throughout the stadium. The arena goes dim with red and orange lights flashing across the entrance when Xaiver Xerses Xidous steps forward onto the stage.

The lights in the arena return to normal as xXx makes his way down the ramp picking up speed he slides into the center of the ring. Leaping to his feet with great speed he stops eye to eye with The Mage.

The two superstars stand motionless for a few moments before either one moves when The Mage offers up his microphone to xXx. xXx reaches for the mic but its gone before he can grasp it and The Mage smirks at his adversary then points at xXx who finds the microphone in his back pocket which confuses and angers xXx slightly.

Now annoyed he yanks the mic from his pocket and lifts it to his lips: "Oh you got tricks? Well know this..."

The crowd shouts over xXx: "What?"

xXx: "I don't play games..." Crowd: "WHAT?!"

The Mage clearly enjoying the crowds reaction to xXx, reveals a deep smile.

xXx slowly showing more anger in his face with every word he tries to speak over the crowd: "Mark my words...." Crowd: "WHAT?!" xXx: "...I will destroy..." Crowd: "WHAT?!"

xXxs' rage now fully present from the red blood-veined face glaring at The Mage who is now full on Mocking stare as he pretends to listen to the man.

xXx clearly has had enough at this point and charges forward clothes-lining The Mage to the canvas. He quickly rolls sideways and gets to his feet as both men race at each other with furious expressions on both men.

[OOC- Mage you can add some from this point. Feel free to get as rough as you like Smile]
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RP before the tag match
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