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 The Court Case of the Century

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PostSubject: The Court Case of the Century   Sun Oct 12, 2014 11:20 pm

* A jury is seen sitting in a court room, along with a sheriff waiting by the stand. *

Sheriff: All rise for the mighty judge, Soldier123!

* Soldier123 enters and takes his seat. *

* The jury stands up to pay their respects, and sits momentarily. *

Soldier123: Today we will be reviewing the case of Electrifyy vs. GXWS Management. Supposedly, GXWS Management has given Electrifyy an “Unlawful burial”, and Electrifyy is suing for 300,000 dollars.

Soldier123: I will now ask for the plaintiff and defendant to enter.

* Electrifyy and The Bouncer enter the room *

Soldier123: Electrifyy, you will be seated to the left; Bouncer, you the right.

* Both take their respective seats *

Soldier123: I will now ask for the attorneys to enter.

* B' u t t and a.j hale enter the court, and stand by their clients. *

Soldier123: B' u t t, since your client is the one making this awkward claim, I will allow you to speak first.

The Bouncer: Did you....just say....butt?

Soldier123: Why yes I did, Bouncer. Must I say it again? Butt.

* Bouncer Faints *

Soldier123: What a wimp. B' u t t, begin speaking please.

B' u t t: Thank you, your honor. You see, zis terrible manager has buried my client for no obvious reason. My client roleplayed whenever he was asked, and he was very active.

B' u t t: Yet zis manager, as he calls himself, fired him. Not only that, but he was buried in a brutal PPV match.

Electrifyy: It wasn't that bad...

B' u t t: Yes it was, you got your ass handed to you.

* Electrifyy sighs *

B' u t t: I don't really have much else to say, the evidence can do most of ze talking for itself.

B' u t t: Before I allow a.j to speak, I must make one thing clear. A.j, le Bouncer is fooling you. He is TheRealAvric in disguise. Why would you defend such a horrible being?

a.j hale: WHAT!? HE's TheRealAvric!?

B' u t t: Jes, he is.

*A.j grabs The Bouncer and starts to shake him. *


* While a.j shakes The Bouncer, the sheriff questions Soldier. *

Sheriff: Shouldn't I put a stop to this?

Soldier123: No, let it happen.

Sheriff: You're a terrible judge, you know that right?

Soldier123: Yeah...but nothing is going wrong.

* Bouncer suddenly wakes up. *

The Bouncer: Don't listen to this....this ass. He is lying.

B' u t t: You bastard, do not lie to your champion!

* B' u t t glares at The Bouncer. *

* Bouncer Faints *


B' u t t: The silence is enough for me, a.j. He is TheRealAvric.

a.j hale: I refuse to defend this asshole.

* a.j storms out of the building. *

Soldier123: Well then I guess it's settled. Electrifyy wins by default.

* Soldier123 slams his gavel. *

Soldier123: CASE CLOSED!

B' u t t: Good, I have to le p' o o p.

* The camera fades. *
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The Court Case of the Century
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