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 A tale of woe

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Allister King
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PostSubject: A tale of woe   Sun Oct 12, 2014 5:22 am

The camera opens up to show a supermarket, it's about 9pm so there isn't a lot of people. 3 college guys, walk into the store. and this, boys and guys, is how our story begins. And for the sake of this story, their names are Kris, Xander and Brody.

Kris: This is gonna be a sick party tonight bros.

Brody: Yeah, and can't believe we are going on xander's dad's boat

Xander: You haven't partied until you partied on a yacht brah.

They continue walking towards the alcohol section of the store. Being a donkey (let's keep it PG rated people) to everyone them. On the way there, they stop to gets some chips (crisps, snacks or whatever you want to call them).

Brody: Dude, why are we here? The booze is over there.

Kris: I wanted some chips.

Brody: This is cutting down are drinking time

Kris: Yo, i'm just gonna be a minute.

Brody: I just want to party as fast as possible.

Kris: Your nagging me isn't gonna make me go any faster.

He stands looking at the many choices available and struggling to make a decision. His lack of decision making is getting on brody's nerves, xander is texting on his phone.

Brody: Hurry up!

Kris: I don't know which ones to get

Brody: Here!

He picks up a bag of doritos and throws it at him.

Brody: There, now let's go

Accepting the choice of the doritos, they have begun moving closer to the destination. The light of the refrigerators shine brighter and brighter with each step. It was almost hypnotic. They finally made it to the aisle but now the final test, decision making.

Xander: Yo, how much we got?

Brody: I got two fifty.

Kris: One Seventy five.

Xander: And i have five eighty.

Combined they have 1005, minus the doritos of course

Brody: This is going to be sweet.


Just then Pirates comes rushing around the corner and the 3 guys let out a  very high pitch scream. The pirates laugh and surround the young men. Sebastian wolfe walks around the corner with a sly grin on his face. He looks at each of the whimpering guys.

Sebastian Wolfe: Do ya know what's wrong here, lads?

The guys filled with fear don't respond

Sebastian Wolfe: Look around you, you know what this is?

They shake their head for they know not what they've done

Sebastian Wolfe: This here be pirate territory. From the crates of beer, all the way to the wine and champagnes. Can't ye not read lads? The sign is right there!

Wolfe points to a jolly roger flying above the bottles of rum. (yo ho ho)

Sebastian Wolfe: Now this can go one of two ways. Option 1: you can hand all your belongings over to me and the crew, Option 2:  we take it from you the hand way and we will not show mercy. Make yer choice

Without a moments hesitation, they empty their pockets as fast as they can. And try to run but are blocked off by the pirates.

Sebastian Wolfe: Was i not clear enough for ya lads? All of your belongings. hats, watches, shoes, everything.

The guys begins to cry as they are forced to remove their clothes. They were about to remove their underwear when Wolfe stops them

Sebastian Wolfe: That's enough there. We'll leave you with just a shred of dignity. And go before we change our minds.

The pirates move away to let the guys pass. They run like the wind away.

Sebastian Wolfe: Come on lads! *holding the wad of money* Drinks are on me!

The crew cheer as the camera slowly fades to black. A warning appears on the screen

Warning: Never openly announce that you have a lot of money on hand in public
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Kraz J
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PostSubject: Re: A tale of woe   Sun Oct 12, 2014 2:00 pm

Nice rp
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A tale of woe
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