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 The Mage's Limo.......

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The Mage
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PostSubject: The Mage's Limo.......   Fri Oct 10, 2014 11:54 pm

*The Mage pull up to the SWS parking lot in a Horse carriage and is greeted by
Aleksandr Vitalyevich Marchant and a group of fans........*

The Mage: Well you look at this.

Aleksandr Vitalyevich Marchant: Hey Mage, I just wanted to say what a great win last week, and I wanted to know what are your plans for next week?

**The Mage grins and takes a deep breathe......**

The Mage: one second.

**The Mage turns to the crowd.**

The Mage: Ladies.......and gentlemen, it is I, The Mage, ready to surprise you all with a trick that only for you to see.

*The crowd looks excited.*

**The Mage goes back inside the carriage and pulls out a medium size box and opens it....**

The Mage: BANG!!!!!!........... Well there’s nothing in the box.

*The crowd looks at the box cautiously...*

Aleksandr Vitalyevich Marchant: Okay, there’s nothing in the box, what now?

The Mage: Patience my friend.

**The Mage closes the box and started to mumble under his breath something......**

The Mage: Okay now open the box........

*A man from the crowd opens the box to see a raccoon in the box.*

Aleksandr Vitalyevich Marchant:
Ah, that’s was a great trick, oh and by the way Mage, you got a match against..........

* The raccoon gotten startled and started to attack the crowd....*

The Mage: I thought raccoons were gentle......

Aleksandr Vitalyevich Marchant: something.....

The Mage: okay, okay, I got it......

**The Mage grabs a flower from his shirt pocket and throws it in the air, while Alek was busy distracted with the flower, The Mage high-tailed towards the locker room and locks the door....**

Aleksandr Vitalyevich Marchant: Oh, the disappearing act, I should’ve known......

End of segment..........
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The Mage's Limo.......
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