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 Here comes the pirates

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PostSubject: Here comes the pirates   Thu Oct 09, 2014 7:50 am

The camera opens up to show the parking lot with the caption “Earlier today”. A man is getting out of his car

Man: Can’t believe my wife is divorcing me, this day can’t possibly get any worse

And he jinxed himself

As the man is about to walk away from his car. A truck pulling a boat comes into the parking lot. And what do you think is on this boat? You guessed it, Pirates led by Captain Wolfe himself

Crew: Yarrr!!

Man: Oh shit!

As the man is about to run away, but he doesn’t notice that his shoelaces are untied and manages to trip face first to the ground

Sebastian Wolfe: Get him lads! Take him for all he's worth!

With that single command the pirates surround the man, blocking any view of what is being done to him

Pirate 1: I got his shoes!

Pirate 2: I got his wallet!

Pirate 3: I got scurvy!

The pirates disperse leaving a man naked and crying in the fetal position. They run back and dump all their acquired items in the back of the boat.

Sebastian Wolfe: Gather round men, i have something to say

Crew: Aye aye capt’n

The pirates stand beside the boat as the man gets into his car and drives away, still crying

Sebastian Wolfe: I have a match tonight against the legendary Captain Kidd so i need you to stand guard here at the boat.

Pirate 1: Kidd havoc sir!

Sebastian Wolfe: What?

Pirate 1: Your opponent sir, his name is Kidd Havok, not Cap’n kidd.

Sebastian Wolfe: You sure?

Pirate 1: Aye sir, Cap’n kidd’s been dead for a few hundred years now

Sebastian Wolfe: What? Why didn’t someone tell me this? Now what am i suppose to do?

Pirate 2: Kick the landlubber’s arse cap’n!

The crew begin to cheer the way only pirates can with a big Yarrr!

Sebastian Wolfe: Settle down lads, but aye, that seems like a good idea mate.

Wolfe sits on the edge of the bottle and grabs a bottle of rum from the boat.

Sebastian Wolfe: I’ll send this kidd fella to davey jones’ locker, then we will paint this town red with blood. You with me lads!

Crew: Cap’n!!

Wolfe smiles an evil grin as the camera fades to black
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Here comes the pirates
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