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 Just a random rp

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PostSubject: Just a random rp   Just a random rp I_icon_minitimeMon Oct 06, 2014 5:19 pm

The camera opens up to a nice family with 2 kids driving along in their nice silver minivan

Dad: Now kids, did you like the movie?

Girl: I didn't like it. It was scary!

Boy: Shut up, you are scared of everything.

Girl: No i'm not! MOM!

Mom: Leave your sister alone dear, it's ok to be afraid

Dad: There use to be a story that scared me as a child

Mom: Is it the one about the ghost ship?

Dad: Why yes it is

Boy: Come on dad, tell us it!

Girl: Yeah, tell us it!

Dad: Ok now, A long time ago, a boat was sailing in the ocean when suddenly an eerie fog began to cover everything insight and no one could barely see a thing. The passengers began to panic wondering where the fog was coming from. A light begin to pierce through the fog and they thought that it would light the way home for them, but they were wrong.

Mom: Honey watch the road!

Dad: What? Oh no!


Mom: Maybe i should tell the rest so you don't crash

Dad: Good idea.

Mom: As the light got bigger, they could hear a strange sound coming from the fog. No one could figure out what the noise was. So as the light grow bigger, it began to take form. You see, it was no light at all. It was a ghost ship! oooohhhh!

Boy: That's not scary

Mom: The passengers began to panic and screamed for help but who could hear them out in the middle of nowhere? From the ship came a crew of ghostly pirates who slaughtered the entire ship. Except one, who managed to survive to tell his tale.

Girl: Mommy? Are ghost pirates real?

Mom: No sweetie.

Dad: It's just an old story to scare kids

Suddenly a noise comes from the back of the van

Sebastian Wolfe: Be quiet! Can't a pirate captain get any sleep back here!

Family: AHHHHHH!!!

The fright of the pirate popping up out of nowhere causes the dad to lose control of the van. He swerves off the road and crashes into a tree. Everyone was hurt and knocked unconcious...except wolfe who used the family as airbags. He pulls himself out of the wreckage and staggers over to a tree.

Sebastian Wolfe: Time to drain the sea monster!

Sebastian whistles

Sebastian Wolfe: How did i end up in that vehicle anyway?

The camera fades to black and a disclaimer appears on the screen. Warning: Always check for pirates in your car before driving
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Just a random rp
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