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 The Mage October Debut

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The Mage
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PostSubject: The Mage October Debut   The Mage October Debut I_icon_minitimeThu Oct 02, 2014 1:16 am

* The Mage is standing at the entrance to the arena.*

Jordan Matthewson: The Mage is here, the black magician, the man of the hour.....

James Wilson: be honest, he and MJ were probably good friends, those two have a lot of imagination that an adult not and I'll repeat myself NOT suppose to have. I wouldn't allow my kids around him, he'll probably take there toys.

* The Mage makes his way to the ring.*

Jordan Matthewson: Oh come on James, you can't tell me that you never had thought about doing something childish at your age?

James Wilson: you see there's a difference between me and The Mage, first of the name sounds like it came from a Harry Potter/ Dungeons and Dragon movie, he's still playing dress up like he's 8 years old and he believe in magic.

Jordan Matthewson: Do you believe in magic James?

James Wilson: I believe in faith, I got cars, money, the women, my own domain, and what does he has with magic, He's got a tricycle that he took from his sister, the only woman he got is his mother, in which he live with, probably got like 2 friends on social media......period.

In the ring

The Mage: Ladies and Gentlemen, thank you for having me here today, it is I, The Mage, in your presents, is ready to put on a show for you because i am the black magician and I’m here to show you all, the wrestling universe, some magic.

James Wilson: Oh really, could he make himself disappear?

Jordan Matthewson: give the man some credit for showing courage and bring his persona to SWS.

** The Mage pauses for a second.**

The Mage: So Who believes in magic?

James Wilson: Not me, weirdo.

The Mage: You don’t have to look like an elf in order to believe, I'm here to turn non-believers into tangible believers in magic.

James Wilson: An elf would look at you and shakes its head in disapproval.

Jordan Matthewson: Could you at least say something positive about the guy, I mean this is his debut, He's in his zone.

The Mage:Guess what ladies and gentlemen.........

* The Mage got an excited look on his face...*

The Mage:Its October, and with October comes...........

** the crowd started cheering Halloween.**

The Mage:Oktoberfest

*The Mage chuckled*

** The crowd looked lost and confused.**

Jordan Matthewson: Oooooook................I don't get it

James Wilson: now you seeing things my way, huh?

The Mage:Everyone loves to drink, your aunt cousin loves to drink, the girl next door wearing a permanent Halloween mask loves to drink, the GM of the oh so Famous SWS loves to drink, The president of the United States loves to drink, and yours truly, The Mage, loves to drink.

** The crowd chant BEER!!!**

Jordan Matthewson: See everyone loves The Mage........

James Wilson: No they don’t, he’s tipping the fans with beers, but he does have a point everyone love to drink.

Jordan Matthewson: sounds like you’re warming up to The Mage........

James Wilson: Jordan, please, I’m desperately trying my hardest not to make your face meet my fist, don’t push it.

* The Mage holds a white cloth over his right hand, wiggles his fingers from his left hand, then pulls the cloth up showing a beer mug.*

** The crowd starts chanting drink.**

The Mage:I know I’m not suppose to because beer and magic don’t mix but.....

Jordan Matthewson: Oh boy, here we go..........

James Wilson *sounding sarcastic* Oh boy here we go

* The Mage takes a hug gulp of the brew.*

** The crowd goes into a frenzy.**

The Mage:Now you see it.....

* The Mage looks into the mug, and holds it upside down.*

The Mage:Now you don’t.

James Wilson: Probably grow some chest hair an gain some bass after that.

Jordan Matthewson: Was that a compliment or.......

James Wilson: Jordan, didn’t we have a talk about me which involves a fist and a face, hm?

* The Mage takes a huge breath.*

The Mage:On another note, who can do the things that I do and still carry a wand with a wizard hat, and still put fear.....physically, into those who try to belittle me. For I am The Mage stands proudly in the middle of the ring, dares anyone from the backstage area, whose probably trap in the closet, to bring there monkey goes bananas crazies down here, and COME GET SOME!!!!!!!!!!!
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The Mage October Debut
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