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 Do what you want 'cause a pirate is free

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Allister King
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PostSubject: Do what you want 'cause a pirate is free   Mon Sep 29, 2014 11:17 am

The camera fades in to show the outside of a bar. Screams, Glass being smashed and laughter is heard. What cruel deeds are being done inside? Let's find out

The camera begins to move closer to the entrance when suddenly a man is thrown through the window

As the door opens, a crowd of pirates are gathered round a single man, who must be the captain or someone of equal or greater importance

Captain: Wench! More liquor for the crew!

Crew: Yar Har!

Waitress: Stop calling me a wench

Captain: Not until you get us the booze, tavern wench. Isn't that right lads?

Crew: Aye Cap'n

A man walks up to the waitress

Man: These fellas give you a hard time?

Waitress: It's ok, they're drunk and think they are pirates

Man: HAHA What a pack of losers!

Suddenly the mood in the place drops and the crew look at the man, then to the captain, then back to the man, to the waitress, the captain is on a horse, back to the man, then back to the now seated captain surround by women

Crewman: Cap'n Wolfe, shall we take care of this filthy stinkin' scallywag?

The pirate captain, Sebastian wolfe, scourge of the six seas (he's working on the seventh), lover of wenches, mead and a nice sea shanty, stands up from his seated position

Sebastian Wolfe: No lad, i got this one

Man: Listen here pal, that's no way to..

Before the man could finish talking Wolfe has kneed him in the crotch, uppercutted him and locked him in a sleeper hold

Sebastian Wolfe: Men! Take his money and his boots, he won't need them where he be going.

The man begins to urinate his pants.

Sebastian Wolfe: What the? That's sick man! Dispose of him now!

The man has now started weeping as the crew take him and carry him outside

Sebastian Wolfe: He nearly got it on me. Wench!

Waitress: I'm coming and stop calling me wench

The waitress appears with tankards filled with alcoholic beverages and places them on the table in front of him which is missing a leg for some unknown reason

Waitress: There, happy?

Sebastian Wolfe: Aye, it please me. Isn't that right polly?

Woman sitting beside him: My name is jessica not polly

Sebastian Wolfe: That's what i meant.

As he chugs a tankard, the cameraman slowly leaves, the man is being stripped of his clothes by the crew and the camera slowly fades to black

A jolly roger appears on the screen with the words Captain Sebastian Wolfe written across it. Now it finally fades to black. I'm serious this time

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Do what you want 'cause a pirate is free
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