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 Hunter Death is a winner not a loser

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Hunter Death
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NXT Star

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PostSubject: Hunter Death is a winner not a loser   Sat Sep 13, 2014 4:17 pm

- The camera fades in on the arena where Hunter Death is smiling at the fans where as Remedy is playing into the arena loudly -

Hunter Death: Last week, Phil gave me a challenge... I overcame that challenge. Now tonight, I fight Ivan for the championship. THE SWS TELEVISION CHAMPIONSHIP!

- The fans scream loudly -

Hunter Death: The Beast is being fed by Phil, Thank you. Because I'm hungry, when I'm hungry, I'm violent. And I'll show you all, how I fight. Because when I win tonight...


Hunter Death: When I win tonight, I will wave both titles in the air, and I know, Ivan's a good fighter. We've both held 2 titles. We've been undefeated and tonight. Only one warrior will rise. And that warrior. IS THE BEAST!

- The fans cheer as Hunter death drops the mic and chants with them only for the camera to fade out -
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Hunter Death is a winner not a loser
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