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 Formatting RPs guide

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PostSubject: Formatting RPs guide   Mon Sep 16, 2013 7:39 am

Stolen from my BFF Ivan Borovsky <3

Here is how I would like a regular RP to look...

** Kouji Tanaka makes his way to the ring. **

Kouji Tanaka: I love you guys!

** Kouji Tanaka leaves. **

Okay, now obviously I expect longer RPs than that, and RPs about yourself, not me... But besides for that, I want them to look like that. I'll go through each part step by step.


The actions are what goes on in a scene. It would be the parts that say KT makes his way to the ring and KT leaves. These aren't really hard to edit. Actually nothing of an RP is IMO.

I want actions to stand out, so type two stars (**) or just one (*)  before and after each action. As shown above. Also, will you please italicize the text of an action as well? Like this.

If you can manage those two simple things, then your actions are good. Also, a sidenote... if you have two separate things going on in a scene, don't space it out. What I mean is that don't do this:

** Kouji Tanaka enters the ring. **

** kschaef enters the ring. **

I would rather you write it in one big paragraph instead of spacing it out so that people won't get confused. The exception is if you do commentary for your own segments (if you don't, don't worry about it, I add it to segments without commentary). This is how it could look if you did commentary as well:

** Kouji Tanaka enters the ring. **

James Wilson: What the hayul! I thought he was fired?

** kschaef enters the ring. **

Jordan Mathewson: kschaef! He's my big homie!

There's that. I will cover commentary later, too, so don't get confused on that. But up next...


Now you know how to let things happen, but you don't know how to talk about them yet... so that's what this is all about...

This part is really easy too... All you have to do for this is bold your name and color your speech. Let's start with a (WRONG! WRONG! WRONG!) example:

Kouji Tanaka: I will cut your head off.

Obviously that looks plain as hell and it needs to be edited or else the show is full of black text and matches that nobody cares to read. Who wants that? So how about bolding your name? That will make it stand out a bit...

Kouji Tanaka: I will cut your head off.

That is a little better, but you need to add some color or else it still looks plain. There is an exception though... if you are one of the people who I edited their first week RP and changed the color and the color isn't on this forum, just leave it black and add a little note at the bottom telling me that. However, if you're using... say orange, it should look like this:

Kouji Tanaka: I will cut your head off.

See? That's some good stuff right there. It's simple but it adds a lot to a role-play.

Also a minor note, I don't recommend you doing something like this:

Kouji Tanaka: You stand no chance against me.

For I am the ultimate dragon!

It really just looks sloppy and confusing, so try to avoid that. Instead, add commentary (I will cover that next), or another action. Like this:

Kouji Tanaka: You stand no chance against me.

** Kouji Tanaka pauses for a brief second. **

Kouji Tanaka: For I am the ultimate dragon!


Kouji Tanaka: You stand no chance against me.


Kouji Tanaka: For I am the ultimate dragon!

That looks a helluva lot better, doesn't it?

One final thing on this: If you are rping for yourself, always use your full name. I don't care if your name is JeffBobJennyLandoUncleKrakkaUnderworldAllUpInYourAss... Just copy and paste it if you're too lazy to retype it. It is better than saying Kouji: Blah! However, if you're referring to someone else in character, you can use their first name or a nickname... whatever seems realistic.


This is the final thing I am going to talk about... If you are a lazy guy just trying to get by on RPs and nothing more, or if you just really enjoy my commentary, you can skip this and get on with your day. But for those who want to go above and beyond!


You will also need to at least read two segments or a match from the first major show (which can be found under Federation > Calendar before you're qualified to add commentary to your own match! I want continuity for these things. If you don't want to do that, don't. I will add it if you don't, it's no biggie... it's just if you want to accentuate your character in RPs using the announcers help promote or demote what you're doing.

So for formatting this, it's rather simple...

James Wilson is olive.
Jordan Mathewson is red.

When you're adding them, bold everything. Their text, their name, EVERYTHING!

Jordan Mathewson: Do you mean like this?!

James Wilson: Of course he does you fuck.

Jordan Mathewson: Okay, you didn't have to be so rude about it!

A small thing (but this is just preference.. do whatever you like when it comes to this)... I always write commentary in segments when they are finished. It is much easier to have a story then add in the commentary afterwards for me. If you want to add it while you're writing the RP, by all means go ahead, but I find it easier to finish first and add later.

I hope this helped at least one of you! If not then shit..I am a sad panda.

Thanks for reading.

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Formatting RPs guide
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