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 Win or Lose: After match of 8/9/14 show

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PostSubject: Win or Lose: After match of 8/9/14 show   Tue Sep 09, 2014 12:59 am

If I win, then use this one

The crowd boos, obviously unhappy that Po1ski was able to pull out a victory.

*Po1ski, who expected to win this match, slowly walks around the ring with a grin on his face. He then looks at ZozzoneMascherato, and walks over to him.*

Po1ski: Well, I can't say that this wasn't expected. But, hell, you did a good job in there, and I always give credit where credit is due. Good job, kid.

*Po1ski extends his hand towards ZozzoneMascherato, and waits for him to shake it. As soon as ZozzoneMascherato reaches out to grab it, Po1ski backs away and retracts his hand. He then delivers a straight teep kick to the face of ZozzoneMascherato, which knocks him to the ground.*

The crowd begins a "You suck" chant.

*Po1ski laughs at the crowd's reaction. He then begins to deliver a series of kicks to the dazed body of ZozzoneMascherato, completely directed at the ribs. He then walks over to the edge of the ring and demands a microphone*

Po1ski: I told you that I was only here for one thing. And that was to kick ass. I am a man of my word. Let this be a message to everyone in the SWS locker room. I don't care who I go against, or who I am teamed up with. Anyone, and I mean anyone, who steps in the ring with me, will be put in their place.

*Po1ski drops the mic, and heads out of the ring, and to the backstage*

If I lose then use this one

The crowd is cheering, happy that Po1ski was put in his place.

*Po1ski slowly gets up, still reeling from the beating that he has taken. He looks at ZozzoneMascherato, and anger flashes across his face*

Po1ski: You have got to be kidding me. Are you serious? I told you to stay outta my way. I gave you fair warning, you insignificant little mongrel. Now it's time to face the consequences.

*Po1ski walks over to ZozzoneMascherato, who is leaning against the ropes, grabbing his ribs. Po1ski delivers a kick to the midsection, causing him to groan with pain. Po1ski then throws ZozzoneMascherato into the corner, and delivers a series of kicks and punches to the midsection, leaving ZozzoneMascherato curled up at the bottom of the corner.*

The crowd boos with every kick, and some fans even throw beer cans and food into the ring. However, none of it stops the vicious assault.

*Po1ski walks over to the edge of the ring, and demands a microphone*

Po1ski: I told him! I told him not to mess with me. Now look what happened! Let this be a warning to everyone back there in the SWS locker room. If you step into the ring with me, whoever you are, then I'll put you in your place. But if you ever...EVER...cross me, then I will beat you to within an inch of your life. And when you gaze up, and beg for mercy, I'll just step on your throat, and press until you stop moving. You have been warned.

*Po1ski throws the mic into the crowd, obviously creating boos. He then heads out of the ring and up the ramp, to the backstage area.*
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Win or Lose: After match of 8/9/14 show
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