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 RP before my match of the 8/9/14 show

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PostSubject: RP before my match of the 8/9/14 show   Tue Sep 09, 2014 12:30 am

Camera fades in, revealing the locker room. Po1ski steps into the frame, getting almost unanimously booed. However, there are a few cheers in the stands, but they are drowned out.

*Po1ski walks over to ZozzoneMascherato, who is his partner for the upcoming tag team match*

Po1ski: Look ZozzoneMascherato, I have no idea why I am in this match. Especially if I have to team with a low level punk like you.  So just do yourself a favor, and stay outta my way. I can take that two-bit rapper and CPS. And I would recommend you stay back, or else you'll be next on my list.

The boos from the crowd begin to pick up again, and are raising in intensity.

Po1ski: Heh, you hear those people? I'm sure that a lot of you washed up, wannabe wrestlers out here love to hear those people chant your name. Those same people who don't even have the cojones to step into a wrestling ring. I'm not here for those people. I'm here to kick ass and win championships. This match? It's just another stepping stone for me. And I'm always looking to make an impact. So stay out of my way, and all goes well. But if you try to be a hero, try to impress those people, whatever. Then I take you out, just the same.

*Po1ski stares at ZozzoneMascherato menacingly, and then slowly walks away*

The camera fades to black. The boos from the crowd are so loud, that they are heard in the outer reaches of the arena.
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RP before my match of the 8/9/14 show
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