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 the fire pit

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torch wilson

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PostSubject: the fire pit   Sat Aug 30, 2014 2:34 pm

*The titian tron hits shows HAPPY TIME as Torch's music hits. The camera shows a door that says Fire Pit then goes black. When comes back on Torch is in a room with a fire pit lit in the middle and two chairs.*

Torch: "It's time to fire it up. Welcome to the fire pit tonight we have our GM with us".

*The GM walks in*.

Torch:"OK. First is we want a chance at a championship so witch will it be?"

Torch:"Next who will be my first victim here?"

Torch:"Last question have time for medium or well done?"

*Torch then shoots a flash of fire at the GM causing him to jump back and light his pants on fire from the pit as Torch leaves the room and the camera goes dark*

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the fire pit
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