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 Some Changes

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PostSubject: Some Changes   Sat Aug 30, 2014 12:17 pm

*Here comes the pain F5 runs down to the ring with a microphone after Giant's and Rikishi's win* 

F5: Hold on a seconds fellas!

*Rikishi sees F5 running down the ring and high tails it like the coward he is and runs to the crowd*

F5: Giant, Rikishi, how are  you guys doing?  

*Rikishi with a mic in hands starts speaking*

Rikishi: NO! I had it with this crap. I don't owe F5 and Giant a conversation! isn't it bad enough you two cheaters are double teaming on me at the PPV in a steel cage match KMA? what next? a stupid Phantom Demon stipulation? 

Giant: Shut up, idiot. Stop bitching. When F5 and I are gonna fac-

F5: up Giant. No "F5 and I" crap. I didn't agree to teaming with your sorry think I forgot you are the son of a bich that nailed me in the groin just for some cash and a make out session with Rikishi? I did not. I am not teaming with you you bastard, instead I will be settling the score  with you in a Silver Rainbow preview match next week! INSIDE A CAGE!

Giant: Sure about that little man? you might not like what you get.

F5: Positive!

*F5 nails Giant with a stiff swift kick to the nuts that makes him scream in pain and roll out of the ring*

James Wilson: Some retribution from F5! AND A CAGE MATCH NEXT WEEK! WHOOO!! 

Rikishi: I hope you two thick morons both step into that cage and explode! 

*Rikishi leaves the arena as Giant runs backstage and F5 celebrates in the ring*
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Some Changes
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