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 i am torch wilson

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torch wilson

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PostSubject: i am torch wilson   Fri Aug 22, 2014 1:11 pm

Wrestler Name: Torch

finisher: fire it up, swing me to sleep, cross bones

entrance music: across the nation, i made it, Freak like me

fed history:Breakdown Wrestling,cew bloodsport, High octane wrestling

Attitude: Heel / neutral

Age: 31

Signature matches: Flaming Cage Match, hardcore cage match, cage match

fed tag/stable: king torch alliance, torch & tj lights

Build type/size: 160lbs. speed

fed Title History: bdw tag team titles,became bloodsport tag title (king tiger) , how turbo twin champ (tj lights) , HOW Overdrive champion

fed Big moments: was in turkey bash, win bdw/ bloodsport tag title,win how tag team titles, win how overdrive title

Fight Style/Background: don't know. woke up outside a wrestling ring 3 years ago with little memory and a guy saying I was up next to wrestle. after that match I been trying find my past. the torch shows my way and burns everything in my patch.
I joined Breakdown Wrestling to find more anwsers but came up empty before they where gone.but i got a new look and foud my place in wrestling.From breakdown i went to cew bloodsport.Bloodsport was good i lost my title but found out i had a family member on roster but like always seems to happen bloodsport left and is gone. From blood to fire. I came to find from a mysterious source that my relative came here to high octane wrestling or how. the mysterious person also started a reaction in my mind that began my twitch and when hear the voice makes me have to burn and use my flamethrower. I have few taken many victims now each great wrestlers but they must have been burned. they either didn't know or didn't say except for silver fox who told me the gm and ceo knew things. then a wrestler named tj lights who said he was my brother. my twitching is getting worse and there are many questions to be answered. Coming to the ppv I learned that tj lights was my brother I lost my hidden gear and went to save my brothers *censored*.That wench keeps getting in my way and hiding things we had the tag titles but that wench found a way to take them but gave me a folder with information on my past and I found out some truths... Well this information will come in handy for us even though a lot of it is blacked out and crap. Well i learned that tj lights was on the wenches payroll and not my brother but kuzan was my uncle. So i dismember tj from the family tree in an epic flaming cage match. I won the title and got payback but then that insufferable censored wench said something that triggered my memories and revealed to me that she was the one that attacked me years ago and she wasn't alone though i am not forsure who the others were point is she is the reason for my lost years and she will pay!!! Well how is no longer in service so i went on the search again for new home hope this one is better and stays.

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torch wilson

Posts : 6
Join date : 2014-08-22

PostSubject: pic   Sat Aug 23, 2014 5:07 pm

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i am torch wilson
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