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 SWS: Keep It Dark

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GM Phil Brooks
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PostSubject: SWS: Keep It Dark   Thu Jul 24, 2014 10:58 am

Here comes the pain F5 VS Rikishi  
Max Payne VS McFlyman  
Title match: SWS ImmortalHD Championship
GrimReality VS Victor Blaze VS Kouhi Ronaka  
Title match: SWS World Heavyweight Championship
Cain VS Royler Gracie  
Title match: SWS World Tag Team Championship
Abner + Balak VS Joninyan + ???  
Title match: SWS Strong Style Championship
The Beast Hunter Death VS Muchacho  
Title match: SWS Television Championship
Dragon Sakaki VS BrockLesnar  
Tyler Collins VS Justin Harvelle  
The Rapper GG Crum VS Josef Kavas
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SWS: Keep It Dark
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