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 3 is a crowd..but not as gord as 5

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Kouhi Ronaka
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3 is a crowd..but not as gord as 5 Empty
PostSubject: 3 is a crowd..but not as gord as 5   3 is a crowd..but not as gord as 5 I_icon_minitimeMon Jul 21, 2014 3:14 pm

**Kouhi Ronaka is in the ring with a microphone. Duh.**

Kouhi Ronaka: Although I defeated former ImmortalHD champ BrockLesnar tonight. Last week I did even better defeated the current one! KillaGabe AKA Grim did help me I admit. But a win is a win. So Blaze..Grim? get out here. 

**Victor Blaze doesn't come out but his big skull head appears on the tron**

Victor Blaze: Real cool , Kouhi..taking a cheap win like that. Let me want a title shot like Grim got? 

Kouhi  Ronaka: Si. 

**All of a sudden GrimReality comes out to the ramp**

GR: Woah , hold on homies. I beat Blaze clean a few weeks ago. I am the N1C suckaaaa.

Kouhi Ronaka: Learn Engrish , fool. I don't care if you are the N1C because I beat his ass too! I have a genius idea! a triple threat at the PPV.

Victor Blaze: I must admit..a triple threat is an unheard of idea. I like it. Pepper your anguses pals. At the PPV you will get wrecked.  

Kouhi Ronaka: It's on , idiot. 

**Blaze is no longer on the tron and Grim leaves. After a minute Kouhi leaves too** 
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3 is a crowd..but not as gord as 5
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