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 Gage Harbriegstien

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PostSubject: Gage Harbriegstien   Fri Jul 18, 2014 3:43 pm

You see, when I was a little squirt I had this wet dream where I was wrestling a professional wrestler in my nudity. And you see, I wanted to try and make that dream come true. And you see, when I was in elementary I had these bullies and also in junior high. And see, I always wanted to beat there asses but I was too scrawny and skinny and weak and I was also a dick-less coward who didn't have the nuts to talk back to the mother fuckers. So after a year of getting bullied in high school, I said "That's it". So I started going to the gym and working out & lift & start getting buff and shit. After a whole year I had half a rocks body, enough to kick their teeth in. So in senior year, I came up to both my ass hole bullies and knocked their asses out. After that, they left me alone but I still went to the gym so's to keep getting ripped. After a long ass time in the gym, I got my ass a new big ass look on my body. I was looking 'Rock Solid', (Jon Mess for the win) and that shit. After that, I went up to my friends and said, hey guys check me out. I'm ripped, and said "Dude, that don't look to well bro, you should take a break bro. Good that you're fit but you don't look too good bro". So's I said to'em "Don't like my new look? Well, too fucking bad." Nigger I be ready to bash your fucking skull with my dreads. Nigger took adamantium steroids and ready to kill Goku. You like Jeffry? Fuck Jeffry's scrawny pussy bitch ass when you have fucking Hulk Hercules death infinity cable package over here. Nigger I yawned and made hurricane Sandy. Nigger about to kill Madara in a few weeks. Nigger I turned around and gave superman prime dreads and fists. Nigger breached a wall Maria-Sina with my arm. Nigger I carried flappy bird through the level and ate his dinner. Nigger I got aids and spit that shit out. Nigger fingered Amy with his thumb and got Jeffry's bitch ass crying. Nigger I won every olympic game there is, twice. Nigger my cock won the cold war. Nigger I became a death scythe without being a scythe. Nigger I'm coming for you. And then, I thought "Shit I should be a fucking wrestler, so I became a wrestler in order to fulfill my dream as a kid! That's my story niggs, and that's me. Gage, Gage Harbriegstien.
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Gage Harbriegstien
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