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 Hunter's Bragging Rights

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Hunter Death
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NXT Star

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PostSubject: Hunter's Bragging Rights   Mon Jul 14, 2014 3:49 pm

- The camera fades in on the ring, where the SWS Champion Hunter Death is standing. -

Hunter Death: Well guys, for the past two weeks I've defeated Antonio Falcon, and tonight, I'm defending my title against Rikishi. Heh heh, makes me wanna laugh!

- the crowd cheers as Hunter then raises his hand up then lowers it as the crowd's cheering volume goes down -

Hunter Death: Thanks. Now, anyways. Rikishi, you want my title. Yer gonna have to go through heck for it!

- Hunter Death then turns around as he raises his championship, now turning around-

Hunter Death: And yet, I've had a win-streak ever since I've come back! And I plan to keep it! For as long as I CAN!

- The crowd bursts in cheers, then they chant: HUNTER'S CHAMP! HUNTER'S CHAMP! -

Hunter Death: Your dang right Hunter's champ! Because when Hunter's here, he's the best thing in this company!

- The crowd gets louder and louder, as they are on their feet and screaming as loud as possible -

Hunter Death: So, let's get a ref out here and start the match! RIGHT NOW!

- The champ then takes his midnight blue tank top shirt off as he then throws it out of the ring, with a ref running down the ramp -
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Hunter's Bragging Rights
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