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 The Rapper GG Crum

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PostSubject: The Rapper GG Crum   Fri Jul 11, 2014 10:27 pm

Height: 6'4"

Weight: 225 lbs.

Hometown: Brooklyn, NY, USA via Compton, CA, USA

Theme Song: "Takyon" by Death Grips

Biography: A rapper turned professional wrestler, The Rapper GG Crum comes from humble beginnings, to say the least. Originally from the Borough of Brooklyn in New York City, GG Crum was born into a broken home in a neighborhood filled with violence, drugs and misery. He found at a young age there was only one thing he could do to get by: rap. From the moment he entered the game, Hip-Hop was all that The Rapper GG Crum knew. He rapped in dirty basements, back alleys, public parks, anywhere with an audience, just to make enough money to achieve his dream of becoming a pro wrestler and making something of himself. He used to run with members of the Wu-Tang Clan like Raekwon and Masta Killa. That is, until he crossed the country.

From one slum to another, The Rapper GG Crum was forced to move from the East Coast to the West, crossing borders and dangerous lines. He was used to the ways of Wu-Tang and Biggie; now he had to get used to NWA and Tupac. With barely anything to his name, he continued to rap in the grimiest establishments this side of Fresno, spitting rhymes and getting by. Eventually, after years of struggling on the street, The Rapper GG Crum began his training, using every cent he had to reach his goal. He became a skilled technician in the squared circle, eventually making it all the way to the Shoot Wrestling Society.

He's a fighter with a one track mind: all he wants to do is win at any and all costs. When he comes out to the ring, he's either dropping lyrical bombs on the mic or taking you to a technical clinic until you tap out. The Rapper GG Crum is the next big thing in professional wrestling and in SWS.
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The Rapper GG Crum
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