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 A New Face in the SWS

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PostSubject: A New Face in the SWS   Fri Jul 11, 2014 10:08 pm

*A video is shown on the titantron, solely of a man with a hood over his bowed head.*

Man: From outside the doors of Death Row Studios, spitting lyrics just for pennies a day, to the slums of Shaolin Brooklyn where I used to run with Raekwon and the Killa B's, making just enough to pay for my training. I've been hardened by the streets, surviving solely on rhythm and rhymes until I made it here to SWS. Now...

*The man throws off his hood, revealing himself to be Shoot Wrestling Society's newest free agent signing, The Rapper GG Crum.*

GG Crum:'s my time.

*Cheers from the crowd can be heard as the video of the up and coming star continues to play.*

GG Crum: It doesn't matter who gets in my way, who I face off against, The Rapper is here to drop lyrical bombs and kick some ass too. When you get snapped by the Protect Ya Neck or find yourself trapped in the Glock Lock, you'll know that you're the one the masta' is comin' afta'.

*"Takyon" by Death Grips begins to play as The Rapper GG Crum flexes his biceps, all the while a message appears on the screen:*

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A New Face in the SWS
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