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 Hunter Death out at a resturant.

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Hunter Death
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PostSubject: Hunter Death out at a resturant.   Thu May 22, 2014 11:27 pm

- The camera appears at a restaurant called Golden Coral, as the show hasn't began yet but the entire arena is packed and sold out, as you can see a blue truck on the parking-lot. The vehicle shuts off as Hunter Death exits the vehicle, and walks in. -

Hunter Death: Hey Muriel! How are you?

- The camera turns to see an elderly lady in her 60s/50s as she is smiling and hugs Hunter -

Muriel: Hunter! Oh how lovely it is to see you! I've been doing just wonderful!

Hunter Death: What about your grandkids?

Muriel: Not so good...

Hunter Death: Ah, I see... What's going on with Jeffery and Sara?

- As Hunter finishes speaking he leans against the wall where he tilts his hat up as the camera switches to behind Muriel. -

Muriel: Well, if you really wanna know, Jeffery has been getting sicker in the past couple of days and horrible grades along with it. And Sara, she's getting the flu, we might have to go to the doctor to check her out soon..

Hunter Death: I see... - He takes off his hat of which he puts it on his chest and speaks again - Tell them their uncle says hi for me... And that I pray they get better.

Muriel: Thank you Hunter... If you hadn't married my daughter I don't know what would have happened to us..

- The 21 year old nods, and looks at Muriel. -

Hunter Death: Anywho, back to the original business. I wanted to see if I could eat before the big show tonight?

Muriel: Oh yes! That'll be $15.57.

- Hunter pays the bill, as he walks to the food isle and picks up a tray. -

Hunter Death: Hmmm.... Let's see, broccoli, cauliflower, uhm some fries? Thanks!

- Hunter receives the food as he grabs a Coca Cola from the soda machine as he sits and begins to eat.. Then Hunter sees the camera and shoos it.-

Hunter Death: Hey! Shoo! Shoo! I'm eating! I'll be back in a minute! How did you guys manage to actually carry that dang thing here?! Nevermind. Get out!

- The camera fades out as the camera man is running. -
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Hunter Death out at a resturant.
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