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 Hunter challenges Royler

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Hunter Death
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Hunter challenges Royler Empty
PostSubject: Hunter challenges Royler   Hunter challenges Royler I_icon_minitimeWed May 21, 2014 8:55 pm

- Out of my way by seether plays as Hunter comes out with the fans cheering as loudly as possible. Soon Hunter enters the ring and receives a mic.-

Hunter Death: Last week... The Beast had been fed... Last week, The Beast became Number One Contender for Royler Gracie's title. Last week, The Beast.... was challenged.

-After a couple of seconds of silence, Hunter once again speaks.-

Hunter Death: Royler.... You hear the beast knocking on your door. But you don't know if you should or shouldn't open it.... You don't know, what's waiting on the other SIDE of that door. And once it's opened at Firth of Fifth, you wont see anything, but constellations....

- The crowd is silent as Hunter is talking to Royler, who's attention is now grabbed. -

Hunter Death: ROYLER! YOU CAN HEAR ME NOW! AND I WANT YOU TO HEAR THIS! COME FIRTH OF FIFTH, YOU WILL BE CONSUMED BY EVERY BONE BROKEN IN YOUR BODY! EVERY BONE CRACKING AS I HIT IT! EVERY BONE.... perishing... You're scared now, that's why you made that remark last week. I'm not hoping to give you my all. I'M GONNA GIVE YOU MY ALL! But come at when you awaken, with me standing high over you with that belt. I'll be the one who's victorious!

- Hunter drops the mic as his theme plays again, and he walks out of the arena -
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Hunter challenges Royler
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