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 Standard Form

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PostSubject: Standard Form    Sat Sep 07, 2013 4:38 pm

Copy and paste the following to your wrestler data post, and fill it in accordingly. Pretty easy huh?

Wrestler Name: Pretty self explanatory, just type the name of your wrestler on Server 3!

Wrestler Level: Whatever your level is currently, put it there. You don't have to edit your data every time you level up though.

Age (character): There are two options for a reason. I, like some of you, don't like basing my character off of the age TWG assigns me, so my character is a totally different age than my TWG age. So think about your character (is he young, is he old?) and put your character's age here.

Build: Are you a Balanced, Resistance, Strength, Speed, or Technique?

Fans: Go to your wrestler data again, and find out how many fans you have.

Height: What is your character's height? Is he a giant? Is he a cruiserweight? You have to decide!

Weight: What is your character's weight? Is he a lardass? Is he anorexic? How about muscular? Once again, you have to decide.

Face/Heel/Tweener: Face means "good guy." Tweener is in the middle of good and bad. Heel means "bad guy."

Hometown: Where is your character from? Is he from Delaware? Is he from Egypt? Land of Confusion? Let us know!

Nickname: Not everybody has to have a character nickname, but for those who do, tell us here!

Backstory: Give us a little information of how your character was raised, where he came from, why he got into wrestling, and a little bit of history. It doesn't have to be extremely long, three or four sentences should do (unless you want a long one).
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Standard Form
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