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 The Challenge Begins

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Hunter Death
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PostSubject: The Challenge Begins   Wed May 14, 2014 8:38 pm

-Out of my way by Seether plays among the speakers as the fans cheer loudly. Soon pyros, blue and red, shoot out from the stage, as Hunter comes out, yelling "feed me" as he begins to walk to the ring.-

-Now, Hunter enters the ring, as 4 different color pyros shoot from each corner, Red, Blue, Gold, & White, he then walks to the center of the ring, where he raises both of his hands, and he walks to the edge to the announce table, and gets a mic, and begins to speak. -

Hunter Death:Hello everyone! Like I said last week, I'm pumped and glad to be BACK!- The crowd cheers - Okay, as you guys know, I'm in a Number one Contenders match against a guy named "Footz".

Jordan Matthewson: So what?

James Wilson: Jordan, the guys name is FOOTZ, how do you not think that's a weird name? HOW?

Hunter Death: If I win this match, on the PPV, I'm fighting for the SWS Title. Of which is one title off my checklist!

Jordan Matthewson: Like last week, he showed us his list. He's going for EVERY championship James, but how can he try to manage that?

James Wilson: Jordan, this guy won a championship AGAINST A DEMON! AND THAT WAS HIS DEBUT! And yet you're doubting him?! NEVER DOUBT A BEAST!

- The crowd chants " Hunter Death! -clap clap clapclapclap- Hunter Death - Clap clap clapclapclap-" And so on and on.-

Hunter Death: You guys sure are supportive! When I win that championship, I WILL BEAT MY OPPONENT TO A PULP! AND WHEN HE FAINTS, I'LL BE THERE TO PIN HIM 1...2...3....

-Hunter Drops the mic, and rolls out of the ring, as his theme continues as the crowd cheers in the background.-
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The Challenge Begins
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