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 Hunter must be FED

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Hunter Death
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PostSubject: Hunter must be FED   Wed May 07, 2014 8:50 pm

-The theme of out of my way by seether plays in the background as the fans cheer as they know by the titantron it's Hunter Death.-

-Pyros shoot as Hunter walks out and stand in between the pyros now shooting at him, and as they stop he looks up and yells" FEED ME! " as he walks to the ring now. Soon Hunter arrives at the ring and walks in, as red and blue pyros drop at him.-

-Hunter now motions for a mic as he receives and and tells the dj to cut the music. The music stops-

Hunter Death: Well Well Well? Ain't it good to be back or not? While I was gone, I had things to handle. I had to do things. I had to care for my family. Too bad I couldn't be here this past Christmas? Too bad I couldn't be here this pass Easter? Well, I'm here today! And I'm here now! The BEAST is looking for food. And he will get FED!

-The crowd cheers as his statement ends.-

Hunter Death: I know Cain is still the champion! How has it been Cain? Also I forgot to congratulate you after I had left! But now, your reign is over! I will get my title BACK! And these people will WITNESS IT! But I'll start small, then, go higher. and higher. AND HIGHER!

- The crowd chants, FEED HUNTER! FEED HUNTER! -

Hunter Death: I'll make it MY GOAL, to beat every champion and gain every championship! BECOME THE FIRST TO HAVE EVERY CHAMPIONSHIP IN SWS! POSSIBLY THE ENTIRE WORLD! Now, I know the Strong Style Champion, Royler Grace, he's back there NOW listening because I just mentioned his name. Royler, Your title's first! After that, the SWS Television championship, held by Dragon Sakaki, then the SWS tag team titles... But who am I gonna tag with?

- the crowd chants suggestions, but then Hunter has an idea -

Hunter Death: Since I'm back, stronger, and better than ever. I'll HANDLE THEM ON MY OWN! The two you call Abner and Balak. After winning those championships, I move on to the IMMORTAL HD Championship held by Victor Blaze! Then.. The final championship, will be in my GRASP. The World Heavyweight Championship, held by CAIN.

- The fans cheer -

Hunter Death: Now listen Cain, you beat me twice. That was almost a few months ago, maybe a year ago. Now I'm better, so I have a chance. The chances of you succeeding against ME is 3/10. I'll win. Just like, in my DEBUT, I BEAT THE CURRENT CHAMPION, kept the title for 2 months, then lost it to a cheat! Now Cain, I know your back there, keeping your little hand to yourself. But now, the title will be mine! Once again, FEED ME! YOU ARE A CHEAT! Cain, you can have abner and Balak GUARDING YOUR #$$ FOR ALL I CARE! I WILL TAKE DOWN 3 birds, with one STONE!

- the fans cheer wildly -

Hunter Death: And I am... that... stone.... I will beat you, to a bloody pulp. And this time. YOU WONT GET BACK UP! EVER! And your Abner And Balak can fight ALL THEY WANT AGAINST ME! They will go down with you. I will use chairs, tables, ladders, fire, pipes, poles, brooms, the guard rail, AND EVEN A GUITAR as a weapon to BEAT you. I want to make sure you suffer... And when you realize, and this goes for you punks too, that you are no better than me... Then you can get on your knees and BEG.

- the fans cheer, and some boo -

Hunter Death: You fight, for a lost cause. You fight, because you want to win, you fight... because you want to prove something... You fight, to get away from your past! YOU FIGHT.. TO GET AWAY FROM ME! You dont want me.. You dont want me in your HOUSE, you want me, holding that CHAMPIONSHIP HIGH IN THE SKY! You want me, to take the pain away....

- the lights go out, as then lights turn on again, Hunter's gone, as a large sign saying " Your next Cain...." is in the center of the ring, as the camera fades. -
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Hunter must be FED
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