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 The return.

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Hunter Death
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PostSubject: The return.   Sun May 04, 2014 2:50 pm

-a blue toyota truck with bright blue lights pulls into the parking lot as the camera fades in by the front. As the vehicle parks, the cameraman stands and circles the truck giving us a bigger view of the vehicle.-
-as the cameraman reaches the driver's door, we can see the figure inside but cant tell who it is. Just then the door opens and hits the camera. The camera goes to static as we can hear two voices, the camera man and the unknown person.-
Unknown: Oh! I'm sorry man. You alright?
Camera man: Huh? -gasps- It's you! H-Hu-
-the camera man is cut off as we hear a grunt and a smack-
Unknown: Hey? Hey you alright?
-The camera revives from the static and we can see a man kneeling over the camera man as he is shaking him.-
Unknown: Hey! Are you alright? Hmmm. I need to help him.
- The unknown man picks up the camera man, as he walks to the camera and grabs it, now carrying it he runs through the door, into the hall, and into the medical room.-
- The doctor turns to see the men and he is in shock -
Doctor: It's you! You've returned! And what happened?
Unknown Man: The camera guy fainted. I guess I hit him with the door a bit too hard?
The Doctor: Alright, Hunter. I'll have him checked on. Just go to the Gm's office and inform him that you've returned!
- the crowd is cheering from what the doctor said about the mysterious man being Hunter Death-
Hunter Death: Oh, you can hear them now! Make sure he's alright.
- Hunter accidentally kicks the camera causing it to static then fade out.-
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The return.
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