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 The Long Awaited Debut

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Kouhi Ronaka
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PostSubject: The Long Awaited Debut   Fri May 02, 2014 10:00 am

** Kouhi Ronaka is seen by Natalie Casanova in his locker room, even though as far as we know he has no reason to  be at the arena. **

Natalie Casanova: Kouhi, can I have a few minutes of your time?

Kouhi Ronaka: Why are you interviewing me right now, Natalie?! I was going to go out there and make a huge debut. This isn't live, right?

Natalie Casanova: It's live.

Kouhi Ronaka: $%^&. Well thanks for ruining my debut then. What do you want to ask?

Natalie Casanova: Last time we saw you in America , you were wrestling in a god awful promotion with bad pay. That's correct, right?

Kouhi Ronaka: It is true.

Natalie Casanova: Why did you decide to leave that place?

Kouhi Ronaka: Isn't the reason fairly obvious?

Natalie Casanova: Because you never got a  World Title match and because CPS was fired even though he was the best thing going there?

Kouhi Ronaka: Spot on. Anyway, you aren't a  good enough interviewer for me. So if you don't mind, I'd like to take the microphone and interview myself.

Natalie Casanova: By all means.

** Kouhi Ronaka grabs the microphone   gently as she backs away out of the camera shot. **

Kouhi Ronaka: Let me give you the obligatory backstory to why I'm  coming here .

** Kouhi Ronaka clears his throat before giving a made up story about his struggles and why he needs to be here in SWS. **

Kouhi Ronaka: When I left..that place back in *a long time ago*, I was beginning to grew tired of American wrestling. I was losing hope thinking all promoters here are huge jerkasses. I also wasn't the loveable Kouhi that I always have been and am once again. No, I was a meanie! But being away from  wrestling for so long has made me see the error of my ways ,  and once I was prepared to make a comeback all I needed was the right place. And no matter where I went I kept hearing about SWS. So a few conversation and a little bit of MJ later and now I'm here!

** The crowd goes absolutely insane, crazy, demented, mental, irresponsible, unsettled, and wild. **

Kouhi Ronaka: Now that I've given the fans something to cheer about, you have one question to ask me Natalie. Just one.

** Kouhi hands Natalie  the microphone again. **

Natalie Casanova: How big is Batista's-

Kouhi Ronaka: No.

** The promo ends. **
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The Long Awaited Debut
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