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 Memorable Match

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PostSubject: Memorable Match   Sat Apr 12, 2014 6:03 pm

*Rikishi makes his way down to the ring, holding onto a microphone.*

Rikishi: I don't know if you idiots remember what happened a few weeks back, but I was placed into a tag match. Now obviously my team came out on top, but after the match Orton91 decided to grow a pair and challenge me to a one on one.

*Rikishi lowers the microphone and scans the crowd.*

Rikishi: Only problem was orton91 didn't follow through and we didn't have a match last week. So tonight i've decided since we're both not booked, me and him will settle our differences here in this very ring. Now to be sure it's a memorable match. Orton91 and I will be competing in a Kiss My Ass match.

*As Rikishi announces the match type the crowd cheers.*

Rikishi: So tonight's going to be a paper view to remember. Now i'm not sure if Orton91 is smart enough to understand the concept of this match so i'll go over it real quick. It's going to be a simple one on one, no disqualifications, no pin falls. Only way to win is to make your opponent kiss your ass. So tonight after i'm done beating your ass, no matter how much you beg for mercy, you're going to be on the receiving end of a stinkface.

*Rikishi drops the microphone and leaves the arena as the crowd boos toward him.*
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Memorable Match
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