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 Revenge is for the weak

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PostSubject: Revenge is for the weak   Sun Apr 06, 2014 11:43 am

The camera cuts in ring where the reigning Strong STye Champion Royler Gracie is standing in the center of the ring, microphone in hand as he gazes out over the SWS Universe.

Royler Gracie:I know that everyone here in thi arena knows exactly why I am out here right now, it is to address the happenings backstage last week. Now, I am not against people who are looking to get their point across, but there are procedures and proper ways o doing things that were obviously not followed. or those who are utterly confused, take a look over at the TitanTron.

The camera cuts to the TitanTron where a clip o the incident last week backstage where Royler was ambushed and attacked from behind has been aired.

Royler Gracie:This is a act of cowardice that only those o weak mental fortitude would lower themselves to do. A real man stands up and looks his opponent in the eye when he strikes him down. Not hide in the shadows and use smokescreens and misdirection to take advantage of the situation to strike against the man you seek to defeat. I am a real man, I will stand in front of you when I make you tap out, or pin you in the middle o this ring one...two....three. I will not go around looking or the numbskull who attacked me last week, that would be stooping to his level. If he wants a piece of me, he can come down to this ring right now and look me straight in the eye before I give him the beating of his life. I am Royler Gracie, your reigning and defending Strong Style Champion, and the First TV Champion in SWS history. I am the best in the world when it comes to my work inside of the ring. No one can touch me or stop me in this very ring. If anyone in the back has the cojones to come fight me, bring it on.

Royler tosses the microphone down in the center o the ring and takes a seat in the center waiting for someone to show their ace on the entrance ramp.
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Revenge is for the weak
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