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 Blaze and Orton

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Victor Blaze

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PostSubject: Blaze and Orton   Sat Mar 29, 2014 6:29 pm

(Preferably post-Orton's and pre-Blaze's matches)

*The lights in the arena go off, as a manic, double-toned laugh is heard. As the lights come back on, Victor Blaze is seen standing in the ring, his championship belt hung over his shoulder and a microphone in hand.

Victor Blaze: The Ghost Rider. Born of hellfire... He judges humanity... destroys evil... and works alone.

*Blaze turned toward the stage, where the flames suddenly rose up, obscuring the view of everything on it.*

Victor Blaze: But I... Am VICTOR. BLAZE. I donĀ“t play by the rules. So, Shoot Wrestling Society fans, welcome the newest ally to the most powerful entity in the universe.

*The crowd cheered wildly, until the flames on the stage dissipated, showing orton91, causing the crowd to fall silent at seeing the infamous heel. As orton walked down the ramp and into the ring, Blaze explained his decision.*

Victor Blaze: You see, despite fighting evil, The Ghost Rider is, and will always be, a Demon. And Orton, here, is the closest thing humanity has to a demonic being. So i'm going to train him, teach him and make him the most powerful human being in the history of the Earth. And one day... He himself will become... A Ghost Rider.

*The crowd broke out in cheer once more, as orton took his place to the left of Blaze and slightly behind him, smirking. Blaze handed him the mic as he took a seat on top of the turnbuckle*

orton91: Tonight, you saw only a portion of my abilities. Rikishi, if you think you're so bad, i challenge you to a match next week. You and me, one on one. Let's see how bad you really are. And when I am done with you, i will drag you to your judge, jury and executioner.

orton91 pointed at Blaze at that last sentence, as Blaze smirked, his head finally lighting back on fire, as he snapped his fingers, causing the lights to go off and fire to go up from the corners of the ring. A microphone was heard hitting the floor, as manic laughter filled the arena.
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Blaze and Orton
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