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 Back in the Saddle

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PostSubject: Back in the Saddle   Wed Mar 26, 2014 7:51 pm

The camera grows suddenly dark as the audience hear hushed voices ly oshed open where the current Strong Style Champion Royler Gracie is seen talking to Phil Barnabush possibly discussing the sudden silence from one of the top stars of SWS.

Royler Gracie: Phil, why are you not letting me relinquish the belt? I obviously do not deerve to be holding this title as I have not held up my end of the bargain outside of the ring due to some personal matters that we previously discussed as to relating to my silence outside of the ring.

Phil Barnabush: Royler, I cannot simply strip you of the title, in your contract as well as the Strong Style Champion contract, they cannot be stripped of the title for a non-ring related issue. So unless you do something unforgivable inside the ring my hands are tied. And with the way you have been preforming lately, I don't see anyone beating you inside the ring. You are the best technical wrestler in SWS right now, I am not trying to play favorites or anything but that is how it is.

Royler Gracie:: Your being too kind Phil, but I will repect your wishes as well as graciously accepting your compliment. However, on that note, why not make my title defense at the upcoming PPV as challenging as it should be for this title. Why not make it a fatal 4 way match? With all the talent on the roster, there has to be three guys you believe are deserving of a shot to take down myself, the reigning Strong Style Champion.

Phil Barnabush: It is a good idea Royler, I was thinking about making things a bit more....interesting at the PPV but we will have to wait and see. But you have a match later on tonight that you need to be worrying about first, not the PPV. That match is later, your next match is right now.

Royler Gracie: Your certainly right, I gotta take care of what is in front of me first before I can worry about what is down the road. But I don't see anyone stopping me anytime soon. I am in the best shape o my lie, my skills are fully polished and I am in the zone when I am inside the squared circle. No one can touch me right now.

Suddenly the lights go out in the office and maniacal laughter echos as the audience hears a loud crash, "No one can touch you eh Champ? Well, I will do more than just touch you!" The luaghter just fades out as the lights slowly come back on and Royler is seen laid out on the floor of the office and no one besides Phil and Royler are seen.
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PostSubject: Re: Back in the Saddle   Thu Mar 27, 2014 7:30 pm

Glad to see Gracie RP.
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Back in the Saddle
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