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 America not so bad

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Ivan Borovsky
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America not so bad Empty
PostSubject: America not so bad   America not so bad I_icon_minitimeSun Mar 16, 2014 12:07 am

** Vadim and Ivan Borovsky are hanging out backstage. Vadim is watching television and Ivan Borovsky is playing some game on his iPhone. Vadim finally gets fed up with flipping through the channels to find something that interests him and throws the remote at the screen, shattering it. **

Vadim Borovsky: This America culture suck. No good television like the one in Russia. All show are reality and not even real. I no understand why a entire population of idiot exist. How they not nuke by smart country?

Ivan Borovsky: Let chill with America hate. Honestly, not so bad. I seen worse country on the new. Just saw country with civil war. America civil war happen hundred year ago, so they more ahead.

Vadim Borovsky: Stop now. You too Americanize. They brain you into thinking they best. They actually worst. What the hell you play on you stupid phone?

Ivan Borovsky: It a really addicting game call Flappy Doge. You tap and avoid-

Vadim Borovsky: Who create it?

Ivan Borovsky: What you meaning?

Vadim Borovsky: Did American make?

** Ivan Borovsky keeps tapping, ignoring Vadim's question. **

Vadim Borovsky: Did American make Flappy?

Ivan Borovsky: Yes.

** All of a sudden, Vadim grabs the phone and whips it at the wall. It completely breaks and Ivan becomes enraged. **


Vadim Borovsky: Tough up, Ivan. You not in mindset to do wrestle anymore. You a bad partner now.

Ivan Borovsky: I still undefeated. You the one who lost before. I more stronger and tough than you.

Vadim Borovsky: Prove it.

** Vadim punches Ivan straight in the jaw. Ivan's head flies back and he gives a punch to Vadim. **

Vadim Borovsky: See who last longer. Keep punching.

** They continue trading punches one after the other until finally Vadim Borovsky falls to the ground. Both men are bleeding, but Ivan is on his feet. **

Ivan Borovsky: You done?

Vadim Borovsky: Yes done. You win this time. Need to tough up, Ivan. Stop be America and show Russia pride. You disappoint Vladimir and the whole country. Prepare for match and no more Flappy.

Ivan Borovsky: America is not so bad.

Vadim Borovsky: Stop.

** Vadim storms out of the room and Ivan tries to salvage whatever is left of his iPhone. **
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America not so bad
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