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 Cain's first night as champion

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Ivan Borovsky
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PostSubject: Cain's first night as champion   Sat Mar 15, 2014 11:49 pm

The arena filled with screaming S.W.S. fans becomes engulfed in darkness as all of the lights simultaneously shut down.

The titantron catches everyone's attention as the letters "CAIN" are spelled out in clouds of smoke.

The letters all blow away and a clip of Cain winning the S.W.S. World Championship as well as other notable moments in his career are displayed for all.

Cain makes his way to the ring accompanied by his followers, Balak and Abner, who are both in gas masks and intimidating fans as they walk down the ramp.

Cain rolls into the ring steathily and climbs to the top turnbuckle, turns around, and sits on top, perched in a position that allows him to pounce if needed.

Balak and Abner stand on the apron guarding him on both sides and he places his hand on their heads in some unique form of bonding.

** Abner fetches a microphone for Cain and he stays on the turnbuckle to speak. **

Cain: Rise for your leader. Greatness has come from the heavens above and now and only now may you rejoice in the direction Shoot Wrestling Society is going!

** The fans boo the new world champion emphatically. **

Cain: Now, now. Perhaps I've not done enough to prove just how great I am yet. Perhaps winning the most prestigious championship in the world hasn't satisfied your demands. Well, I have two men who can vouch for me. I saved them from straying down a path of self-destruction. Abner, you see... Abner had a rough childhood. He was put up for adoption by his own parents, and for the next 17 years he never found a solid home. Abner never felt acceptance. I am the only acceptance he needs. I'm what he was after all along, and the same can be said for all of you.

** They continue booing the smooth-talking cult leader. **

Cain: Balak, on the other hand, had a very loving family. That is, until they found out he had gotten into heavy narcotics. Balak was kicked out of the house and left to die. I found him begging on a corner for change, and I knew immediately it was my duty as a savior of the people to help him. I gave him the rehab he needed and he was able to flourish under my guidance. Both of these men owe their lives to me. Abner attempted to end his own life multiple times, but he has never considered death since aligning with CAIN!

** GM Phil Barnabush interrupts the world champion in the ring and walks with a microphone in his hand. As he enters the ring, Cain holds back his two lackeys who instinctively want to hurt Phil. **

GM Phil Barnabush: You said something earlier about proving yourself to these fans. Well, I have the perfect opportunity for you to do that. You'll be in your first singles match since your... unexpected debut at the Pay-Per-View. You'll be facing none other than The Country Boy Hunter Death. And since you effectively cheated to win that belt in the first place, I'm going to make it a world title match!

** The fans cheer. Cain doesn't seem shaken in the slightest. **

Cain: That's what I wanted to hear, Phil. The time for Cain has come. Your company will never, ever be the same again, Phil. Phil, listen to me when I say, S.W.S. will have a boom period with me as the face of the company, and my two greatest allies will make quick work of your tag division. They are led by the absolute savior of humankind and wrestling as we know it.

GM Phil Barnabush: See, that's where our opinions differ. Well, that's where your opinion and the reality of the situation differ. Your two men aren't employed. I had to write up a contract for you considering you won a title, but those two wrecking balls aren't going to be a part of my roster. And they're certainly not going to be managing you tonight against Hunter Death. They'll be escorted from the arena, and we'll have no problems, right?

** Cain again restrains the two chiseled beasts beside him. However, this time Cain genuinely seems angry. **

Cain: You know not what you say, Phil. These two will be by my side through all of my endeavors in S.W.S., and if you take issue with my terms, you shall never get what you desire. No world title match will take place on this evening or any other if you go through with this. In fact, Balak, take this championship and store it in the pits of Hell until Phil here is ready to accept my employment terms.

** Balak grabs the world championship and begins walking backstage with it. **

GM Phil Barnabush: SECURITY!! SECURITY!!! That man, that thief is getting away with my property!

** Abner steps into the ring with Phil and this time Cain allows it. Abner stares into Phil's eyes and his tone changes. **

GM Phil Barnabush: Never mind. Let that man through with no trouble. We don't want trouble here.

Cain: Now we may proceed.

GM Phil Barnabush: Proceed, yes. Let's proceed. I will make a deal with you, Cain. The match with The Country Boy Hunter Death will go on as planned in our main event, however... It won't be for the world title.

** The crowd boos incessantly and Cain laughs. **

GM Phil Barnabush: Balak and Abner will not be permitted to be anywhere in the arena when this match goes down. The point of this match is to see whether you're all hype or if you can actually go. Hunter Death is a very talented wrestler, so if you can beat him without help from your brainwashed peons, I see big things in your future.

Cain: Phil, that's not all. The fury of a 250lb man will rain down upon you in just a few moments, and the only one person who can stop it in the entire world is on this turnbuckle. Look at me, Phil. Does it look like I'm joking? Does it? I am the one negotiating here, and you're the one smiling and nodding. Here's what I'll do for you: Abner and Balak will not be at ringside, but they will be treated to the best S.W.S. has to offer backstage. I'm talking massages, food, you name it. And when I do win, you will give them both lengthy contracts with as many perks as you shoehorned for my own contract. Then, you'll give them a tag team championship match whenever they so choose.

GM Phil Barnabush: None of that is impossible. No, not at all. Consider it done. Now good luck tonight.

** Abner eases up on Phil and Phil rushes out of the ring. The lights go out as Phil is trying to leave and when they flick back on seconds later both Cain and Abner seem to have vanished. **
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Cain's first night as champion
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