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 eliminination chamber

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PostSubject: eliminination chamber   Mon Feb 17, 2014 12:45 am

orton91 is in the ring with a mice and is ready to speak

orton91: i didnt win the world title last week but i have another chance a chance to win the title again. i am going to be in the chamber match main event for the world title. 6 men only one winner, and that winner is going to be the apex predator orton91. i will have to outlast 5 other guys, and i will do it. it is my destiny. there isnt a dam thing that you guys will be able to do about it. your all going to see that i am going to be the champion. i will only defend the title once a month to the best of the best. only people who deserve a shot will get it against me.

orton91 raises his arms to taunt the other oponnents

orton91: it is time for me to rise to the top and time for me to get my rightful title. it is time for the legend killer the apex predator orton91 to get the title that he has been working for his entire life. i will put my body on the line and it is going to be high risk high reward. wish me luck.
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eliminination chamber
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