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 Puny Vadim Always Late

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Ivan Borovsky
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NXT Star

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PostSubject: Puny Vadim Always Late   Thu Feb 13, 2014 7:58 pm

** Ivan Borovsky is shown in the parking lot, after clearly arriving very recently. He is mumbling to himself. **

Ivan Borovsky: Sick of puny brother be late to show. I on time every day he always late. I not putting up with it.

** Ivan throws the world title onto his shoulder and pulls his luggage through the parking lot. A fan runs up to him. **

Fan: I heard you are mad at Vadim. What did he do?

Ivan Borovsky: He think he better than me sometime. I tired of it.

Fan: Why isn't he with you?

Ivan Borovsky: Vadim always late. I tell him to catch cab then if he going to be late for a Per Pay.

Fan: You mean Pay-Per-View?

Ivan Borovsky: Get out my way, puny kid. Not in mood for garbage.

** Ivan pushes him out of the way and continues on. **
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Puny Vadim Always Late
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