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 Tennis Chef's Future...

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Ivan Borovsky
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PostSubject: Tennis Chef's Future...   Thu Feb 13, 2014 7:45 pm

** Tennis Chef makes his way to the ring. The fans are anxious to see the poll results dictating whether or not he'll be an employee of SWS going forward. **

Jordan Mathewson: OH CATS! Has it been a full season since Tennis Chef's debut already? Time flies when you're having meow!

James Wilson: Tonight is his last night with the company if our fans aren't stupid idiots.

Jordan Mathewson: I hope Tennis Chef gets to stay with SWS. I really liked his Keeping Up With The Chef series.

** Tennis Chef grabs a microphone and speaks while looking up at the titantron. **

Tennis Chef: I would like to thank everyone in SWS, from the janitors to the main eventers. From the fans to the air conditioners. Get it? Ha. I'm a fun guy. Keep me around please.

James Wilson: This idiot needs to realize that the results are already in and he can't change them. He is stupid.

** Tennis Chef is interrupted by the General Manager of SWS, Phil Barnabush. He walks down to the ring formally with a clipboard in his right hand and a microphone in his left. He enters the ring and stares down Tennis Chef. **

GM Phil Barnabush: I thought I'd come down here so I can officially announce the results of the poll. But I want to make this quick because I have a huge problem regarding the main event that I need to announce. Anyway, without further adieu, air the results!

** The titantron lights up with a bar graph. One side of the graph is significantly higher than the other, but they aren't labelled. **

GM Phil Barnabush: Those are the results. I know you're asking yourself, Tennis Chef, which one is which? Well, the one on the left is 21.2% and the one on the right is 78.8%. For the moment of truth...

** A drum roll plays and then finally the labels pop up. 78.8% of people voted to oust Tennis Chef. Tennis Chef drops to his knees and cries. **

James Wilson: He's outta here! YES!

GM Phil Barnabush: The people have spoken. Now please get out of my ring so I can move onto serious matters.

Tennis Chef: But-but- Can I please stay in the ring just until you're done? I'll never come back again I promise. Just let me share this ring with you one last time.

Jordan Mathewson: Aww!

GM Phil Barnabush: Fine, but stay quiet. Now in case you missed it, David Boyka was attacked by two thugs earlier in the evening and dragged away. They kidnapped him and took him to... we don't know yet. That's an issue by itself. We can't have talent being kidnapped, especially backstage. This is supposed to be a safe environment...

James Wilson: Why couldn't they kidnap you, Jordan? You suck.

GM Phil Barnabush: We will get to the bottom of this and find out who those masked men are, but our main concern right now is the show. The show must go on. David Boyka was supposed to be in our main event for the world championship. He was supposed to be one of the six men in the Elimination Chamber. Now we are short one man.

** Tennis Chef picks his microphone back up and screams into it. **


GM Phil Barnabush: Absolutely not.

** Tennis Chef's face goes back to a depressed state. **

GM Phil Barnabush: I'd sooner have a five-man Elimination Chamber than let you main event my Pay-Per-View, Tennis Chef. That begs the question, who will replace David Boyka, if anyone? The answer to that is, again, I don't know. We didn't prepare for this. Maybe we should have. Everyone on the roster is already busy tonight and I'm not going to book anyone twice. I wish there was, by the grace of God or some mystical being, a replacement. But there isn't.

** Phil Barnabush tries to continue talking, but his microphone shuts down. The sound of the commentators' microphones is no longer working. Phil looks around in an irritated mood. The lights shut off. After moments of darkness, the titantron flashes with the letters "C A I N." The letters turn from fiery to smoke, and they're blown off screen. The source of the wind is revealed to be an intimidating man with a bushy brown goatee and thick brown hair on his head to match. He looks into the camera with a charismatic stare. The lights continue to be out all across the arena. **

???: Seek and you shall find. Seek and you shall find.

** Phil's microphone starts to work again. He looks up at the titantron and demands answers. **

GM Phil Barnabush: Who in the hell are you?!

???: I'm Cain. You can call me the savior of SWS. I'm not the answer you wanted, but I'm the answer you needed.

GM Phil Barnabush: Cain? Stop speaking in riddles and tell me what you want.

** Cain starts laughing maniacally. He cannot control the laughter that is echoing through the otherwise silent arena. **

Cain: I'm the ray of light in the dark abyss. Phil, I need you to trust me. Look me in the eyes and trust me.


Cain: I want to save the night.

GM Phil Barnabush: You want to be in the Elimination Chamber? Are you even in the arena?

Cain: I am where no mortal man shall ever enter. I'm-

GM Phil Barnabush: I've had enough of this. You're in. You better be here in time for the main event. David Boyka was supposed to be the first entrant in the Elimination Chamber, so you'll be taking his spot as first. Good luck. And turn back on the lights.

** Cain extends his arms out on both sides of him and looks up. His eyes begin to glow white and the maniacal laugh returns. He begins whistling a church song and the lights turn back on. Tennis Chef is in the corner curled into a ball. Phil Barnabush drops the microphone and goes to talk to Tennis Chef. They walk backstage. **

James Wilson: What...

Jordan Mathewson: Who is this Cain?! He's spooky!

James Wilson: He could be our next world champion.

Jordan Mathewson: That's a scary thought.

** The camera cuts. **
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Tennis Chef's Future...
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