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 Borovskys Have Arrived

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Ivan Borovsky
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NXT Star

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PostSubject: Borovskys Have Arrived   Sun Feb 02, 2014 1:01 pm

** The dimly lit parking lot becomes illuminated from the xenon headlights of a fancy four-door truck. The truck is painted with red, blue, and white, but its hood has the symbol of Soviet Russia. It pulls into a spot lopsided and out steps the tag team champions. Ivan Borovsky and Vadim Borovsky start walking toward the entrance. **

Ivan Borovsky: Puny Here Comes Pain 5 is my opponent in tonight. I sick of facing the guy. He lose to me twice. Think DQ count as loss? Hell no. No DQ where I come from. Land of Great Home of Brave.

Vadim Borovsky: It crap. I tell you complete crap. I done with country. I lose all my hope for Puny America last week when they DQ us. Give us no DQ match then puny idiot.

Ivan Borovsky: Tell me about. It suck so much. Who you face tonight?

Vadim Borovsky: No one. I going to change it. I have open challenge prepare for any Puny English in locker room. I hope someone accept or I pull Puny English from the crowd and fight him.

Ivan Borovsky: Good idea.

** They go into the entrance and the camera fades. **
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Borovskys Have Arrived
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