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 An Executive Interview

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Chief E. Officer

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PostSubject: An Executive Interview   Wed Jan 29, 2014 9:32 pm

*Chief E. Officer is strolling down the parking lot as a peppy Natalie Casanova spots him mid-stride.*
Natalie Casanova: Hey, Chief!
CHIEF E. OFFICER *Turns and immediately softens his expression*: Oh, hello Natalie. I was just on my way to meet with Dragon Sakaki, but I’m sure I have time to speak to America about my wrestling.
Natalie Casanova: Yea-wrestling. First give the fans a view of your origin, your story!
Natalie Casanova: So amazingly, you were a brilliant kid! You owned your own company, graduated top of your class, and even got into a top-tier university.
CHIEF E. OFFICER: . . . Yea.
Natalie Casanova: Within a couple of months of being in college, corporations wanted to recruit you. You were about to make a six figure salary in addition to having your own company. All of this money and you wouldn’t have even been old enough to drink!
CHIEF E. OFFICER *Irritated*: Yes.
Natalie Casanova: That’s phenomenal! Such a prodigy, in fact a genius right in front of me. Perhaps you could even give me some tips on the stock market *Laughs* Oh! And apparently your real name is Nevil-
*Chief E. Officer snatches the microphone with haste*
CHIEF E. OFFICER: I’m not here to talk the past Natalie. Time is money, and the present is of most importance. So I’m here to talk about wrestling. Come back to me when you want to speak on that subject. *Tosses the microphone back at Natalie and walks away*
*Natalie pauses for a second, frozen by the Chief’s comment. After snapping out of her shock, she attempts to catch up with Chief E. Officer*
Natalie Casanova: Wait! I want to hear your thoughts on your upcoming match!
*Camera fades*
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An Executive Interview
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