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 Open Challenge for the SWS Television Championship

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Victor Blaze

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PostSubject: Open Challenge for the SWS Television Championship   Mon Jan 27, 2014 5:24 pm

*McFlyman walked out to the ring, the SWS Television Championship hanging off of his shoulder. He entered the ring, taking a microphone with him as he dropped the belt onto the announcer's table.*

Jordan Matthewson: What the cats?! The Television Champion is out here! Why is he out here, Wilson?!

James Wilson: How would i now, idiot? Shut up and listen so we can find out!

McFlyman: I am McFlyman, Champion of the people! That is why i'm the SWS Television Champion. This title cannot be taken from me, as long as i have the people right here tonight, and the people at home, watching and supporting me. And i dare any one of you to prove me wrong, right here, right now!

Jordan Matthewson: Did you here that, Wilson?! The TV Champion just challenged the entire locker room! That is one crazy cat!

James Wilson: I have ears, you know... They hear things... That being said, it IS quite dangerous to challenge an entire roster full of stars.

*Serg. Bazooka's music hit as he strode towards the ring, microphone in hand*

James Wilson: This punk? That's a laugh... He won't last 10 seconds against the TV Champ.

Jordan Matthewson: Watch out what you say about Bazooka, cat. He's a former US Military Sergeant. He's bound to have some cats up his sleeve.

Serg. Bazooka: You wanna lose that title so badly, young 'un. Then i'll show you why i'm the Sergeant of the SWS army, by taking it from you.

*Both men dropped their mics and prepared for their coming match, a referee running in to officiate*
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Open Challenge for the SWS Television Championship
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