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 Interview with the Ghost Rider

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Victor Blaze

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PostSubject: Interview with the Ghost Rider   Fri Jan 24, 2014 2:30 pm

*Victor Blaze is seen riding into the parking lot, his flaming bike leaving a trail of fire everywhere he drove. He saw Natalie Casanova awaiting him, so he stopped right in front of her, his skull turning to face her*

Victor Blaze: Can i help you?

Natalie Casanova: Yes, Mr. Blaze. I would like to ask you, you did an amazing job last week in your debut match. Can we expect the same kind of performance tonight?

Victor Blaze: Natalie... Blazing through the competition is what i do. You can expect another win tonight. And i've already received my target for after that win.

*Victor Blaze drove off into the backstage area, preparing his bike for his entrance*

Natalie Casanova *Confused*: Umm... Thank you... Mr. Blaze.
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Interview with the Ghost Rider
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