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 You smush

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Ivan Borovsky
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NXT Star

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PostSubject: You smush   Thu Jan 09, 2014 6:09 pm

** Cash Money Hustler is backstage eating a corndog performing innuendos with the fried dog. He rubs it on his lips and whispers "passion." The closed door to his locker room slams open and two-thirds of the Borovsky triplets burst through with Russian pride. Cash immediately stands up out of shock but the power of the Borovskys compel him to sit the hell down and shut the hell up. The Borovskys look at him with emotionless stares. **

Ivan Borovsky: What you say about Borovsky Brothers? You puny little boy? What you want say? Say to faces or no say at all. I no have time for back talker like you. Talk while my face to yours. You don't go to other people to say you want rematch for my title? For my brother title? You go to me. You talk to me. I am the champion, not the puny English back here. I heard what you say.

Vadim Borovsky: You no ball. You just small, puny loser and no muscle. You want rematch with Puny Rikishi as partner? Or someone new? No matter because you no get rematch now. You burn bridge with us. You piss off the wrong Russians.

Cash Money Hustler: Listen, playas. I was just...

** He throws the corndog at them and tries to run past them, but their super strong legs stick out and trip him. He falls and slams his head into a bench. He is still conscious. The corndog is on the floor, rolling toward him. Vadim slams his foot down onto the corndog and Hustler cries. **

Vadim Borovsky: That corn dog like you, smush. You smush.

Ivan Borovsky: You smush.

** They keep chanting "you smush" with very little emotion repeatedly as if it's some sort of ritual chant. They close in on Cash, who is whimpering in a corner away from them. **

Ivan Borovsky: Any last word, Puny Cash Hustle?

Cash Hustler Money: I love Russia. Please... Don't hurt me. I have what you want. Vodka... Lots of vodka... and girls. If you're into that. I won't judge if you aren't. I have a friend who-

** Ivan Borovsky knees Cash in the head so hard that his head slams back and goes clean through the wall. Cash is now unconscious with blood streaming down all sides of his cranium. Vadim laughs. **

Vadim Borovsky: Let do like we do in Russia, brother.

Ivan Borovsky: Good idea, Vadim. Take him to tortu- I mean fun room. Fun. Right.

Vadim Borovsky: Ha. Ha. Ha.

Ivan Borovsky: Also we have match later with puny Stiff I-N-C. or some puny team of the Americaland. We will wreck them. No muscle loser can't stiff the most stiff team in S.W.S.

** Vadim Borovsky drapes Cash's lifeless, muscleless, talentless body over his shoulder and carries him out of the room as the camera cuts. **
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You smush
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