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 Vegas confronts Zetta

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PostSubject: Vegas confronts Zetta   Thu Jan 09, 2014 4:17 pm

**Vegas strides, purposely into the locker room.  He spots Zetta across the room and quickly moves towards him.**

Vegas - Zetta, did you hear me?  I'm coming for my title.

Zetta - Your title?  You've been here 5 minutes.  You better get in line if you want a shot at this title.

**Vegas open-hand slaps Zetta right across the face.  Zetta snaps back and gets in Vegas' face.**

Zetta - How dare you?  I'm the champion.

**Vegas open-hand slaps Zetta again, this time knocking him to the ground.**

Vegas - I don't wait in line.  You will lose your title to me.  Either make this match happen or these beatings will continue.

**Vegas walks out of the locker room backwards, continuing to stare at Zetta on his way out.  Zetta stares back, anger in his eyes.**
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Vegas confronts Zetta
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