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 I'm coming for you Zetta!

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PostSubject: I'm coming for you Zetta!   Thu Jan 09, 2014 4:01 pm

** Sharp dressed man hits and Vegas strolls down to the ring **

Vegas : Zetta!  I am coming for the SWS ImmortalHD Championship.  I was brought into this company to shake things up.  I was brought in to make a difference.  I was brought in to bring respectability and luster back to the SWS ImmortalHD Championship.  Zetta, you are not ready for the spotlight.  You are a penny slots guy freaking out about free drinks.  I am a high limits guy throwing money around with reckless abandon.  You are not ready for the attention that comes with the title.  You can not elevate the title like I can.  You can not achieve the heights that I can.  I am here to save the fans from your title reign.  Tonight, I battle Orton91.  He is merely a stepping stone for me.  I have a destiny.  Tonight, it is time to pick a fight with the person holding my championship.

** Vegas drops the mic and walks to the back **
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I'm coming for you Zetta!
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