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 More proof of TWG moderator douchebaggery

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More proof of TWG moderator douchebaggery Empty
PostSubject: More proof of TWG moderator douchebaggery   More proof of TWG moderator douchebaggery I_icon_minitimeTue Jan 07, 2014 9:58 pm

More proof of TWG moderator douchebaggery 7uvRD0q

Nothing he said even resembles staff flame on ANY level. In no universe could he potentially be banned for staff flame from what he said, yet BoD decided to make that awful joke? Why? Well, I'll tell you why. And unless anyone has a better reason for his insipid comment, my reason is the only reason. All TWG mods read chat and look for stars. If they see a star, then all is well. However, if they don't see a star by their name, they are specially trained to scan through that message as soon as possible and find a reason to ban that non-supporter scum. Whichever mod can do it the fastest is given blowjobs from Arletta. However, Beast Boy did not break any rules in this screencap, so BoD had to assert his dominance over the shitty non-supporters in a different way. He posed it as a joke, but he meant it. He was trying to instigate Beast Boy into breaking a rule. In BoD's wet dream, Beast Boy would have replied with "How did I staff flame?" to which BoD could slap Beast Boy with a warning for "questioning a mod's ruling" followed by him telling him to "take it to PM." This of course didn't happen, but don't think for a second that it couldn't.

Does anyone else have a better reason for this interaction? Maybe he did actually staff flame and I missed it. Did he insert in 2 point font the words "BoD is a cunt?" Someone needs to enlarge that then. Otherwise, fuck TWG moderators.
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More proof of TWG moderator douchebaggery
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