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 Chief E. Officer

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Chief E. Officer

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PostSubject: Chief E. Officer   Fri Jan 03, 2014 11:25 pm

Wrestler Name: Chief E. Officer

Wrestler Level: 1

Age (character): 18

Build: Technique

Fans: 10

Height: 5'9"

Weight: 186 lb (Ripped)

Face:  Tweener (Only interests are supremacy and money so i guess he could be fitted toward Heel purposes. But in most cases he's indifferent)

Hometown: Waltham, Massachusetts

Back Story: All his life he only worked towards one thing, being at the top. He was a genius in every sense of the word, and he seemed to have a natural affinity towards business. At the age of 17, Chief owned his own start up company, while graduating high school as valedictorian. His work ethic wasn't practical. Always striving for the top, Chief was president of every business related club in his school and was captain of his school's football and wrestling team.

After receiving acceptance into an ivy league, many firms sought his talent. However, Chief did not want to be a part of something, he wanted to be at the apex of anything.

Chief could have worked his way up, probably been an executive in a matter of months. Chief could have continued to man his start up company and turn it into a multi-million dollar coorporation, but that would have bored him.

He wanted to do something challenging, something with no clear ceiling so he would never be disinterested. One day, while contemplating his future, Chief was in the gym of his university watching some wrestlers. It reminded him of his old days; so much that he strolled down the bleachers and challenged every single wrestler in the gymnasium.

Chief, a 17 year old business student, obliterated the varsity team and left the captain with a torn hamstring. After those series of matches, Chief had decided what he was going to do. Chief sold his start up company, purchased a small home and turned a portion of it into a training facility. In addition, he purchased a reputable trainer. Chief had set his goal; become a pinnacle wrestler
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Chief E. Officer
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