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 Match of seasons 1&2

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Which match is the best of the first two seasons?
Desiree Desire vs. Dragon Sakaki (S1E1)
 10% [ 1 ]
TV Title: Royler Gracie vs. RenegadeIdiot (S1E1)
 10% [ 1 ]
KillerMushroom vs. Rumpster (S1E2)
 0% [ 0 ]
SS Title: T.Rublin vs. Joninyan (S1E3)
 0% [ 0 ]
Byakuya Kuchiki vs. RenegadeIdiot (S1E4)
 10% [ 1 ]
World Title: Portuguese Demon vs. RenegadeIdiot (S1E5)
 10% [ 1 ]
World Title: Portuguese Demon vs. Fan Boy (S2E3)
 0% [ 0 ]
Justin Harvelle vs. Josef Kavas (S2E5)
 10% [ 1 ]
Tag Titles: Borovsky Brothers vs. Big Booty Daddies (S2E5)
 40% [ 4 ]
World Title: Portuguese Demon vs. The Country Boy Hunter Death (S2E5)
 10% [ 1 ]
Total Votes : 10

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PostSubject: Match of seasons 1&2   Fri Dec 20, 2013 7:12 pm

Desiree Desire vs. Dragon Sakaki: Season 1, Episode 1
This was the very first match in S.W.S. history. It set up the first show nicely. Desiree was victorious.

Television Championship- Royler Gracie vs. RenegadeIdiot: Season 1, Episode 1
The TV title made its debut on the very first show in a great match between two real stars. Royler ended up victorious setting the tone for his lengthy title reign, defending every single week.

KillerMushroom vs. Rumpster: Season 1, Episode 2
Most people think that they are both idiots, but KillerMushroom proved that he is less of an idiot than Rumpster. Rumpster lost the match and then was forced to kiss KillerMushroom's ass.

Strong Style Championship- T.Rublin vs. Joninyan: Season 1, Episode 3
This was the debut of the Strong Style Championship. It was the focal point and main event of the night. In the end, Joninyan's strength was too much for Rublin to overcome. Joninyan became the first Strong Style Champion.

Byakuya Kuchiki vs. RenegadeIdiot: Season 1, Episode 4
This was a very close match, and some would argue that Byakuya was very close to winning. While the interference meant that the match would be declared a no contest, it proved that both men were worthy opponents.

World Championship- Portuguese Demon vs. RenegadeIdiot: Season 1, Episode 5
RenegadeIdiot earned a shot at the title by winning a battle royal. These two men had very little respect for each other, and it made for an entertaining match in S.W.S. Home by the Sea's main event. Portuguese Demon won, making him the top guy in the company and S.W.S.'s first ever world champion.

World Championship- Portuguese Demon vs. Fan Boy: Season 2, Episode 3
It actually looked as if Fan Boy would knock off the demon and become the second world champion, but alas Portuguese Demon demonstrated his talent and got defense #1 of his world title.

Justin Harvelle vs. Josef Kavas: Season 2, Episode 5
They disliked each other, so they settled it like men. They wrestled a great match. It was lost in the mix of all of the excellent matches at S.W.S. Second Home by the Sea, but upon further inspection it was a true gem.

Tag Team Championships- Ivan Borovsky & Vadim Borovsky vs. Rikishi & Cash Money Hustler: Season 2, Episode 5
The Borovsky Brothers were on a huge streak going into this match as undefeated tag champions from Russia. Their opponents were a team of misfits known as the Big Booty Daddies. They put up more of a fight than the cocky Russians expected, but the experience of the siblings proved to be more than enough for a decisive win and defense of their tag belts.

World Championship- Portuguese Demon vs. The Country Boy Hunter Death: Season 2, Episode 5
The world title match main events yet another PPV, and Portuguese Demon is still the first and only holder of such a prestigious championship. However, a new wrestler named Hunter Death debuted and took the company by storm. He immediately got a title match, and proved all critics wrong when he became the second world champion and looked good doing it.

Vote for your favorite match of S.W.S.'s first two seasons. If your actual favorite isn't here, I don't give a shit. Vote from the given options. And try to leave personal biases out of it.
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Match of seasons 1&2
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