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 Serg. Bazooka

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Serg. Bazooka

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PostSubject: Serg. Bazooka   Mon Dec 16, 2013 7:00 pm

Wrestler Name: Serg. Bazooka

Wrestler Level: 2

Age (character): 33

Build: Resistance

Fans: 7 (few but very loyal i might add !!! )

Height: 6 foot 8

Weight: 370 lbs (well fed, prefers "big boned" over "fat")

Face/Heel/Tweener: I dunno, i usually like to play the heel, but i see the guys around my level are heels/tweeners, so i will try to be a face.

Hometown: Craiova, Romania

Nickname: Serg. Bazooka is a nickname, you can find his real name in the backstory below.

Backstory: Born Baicoi Popescu, named after the city in which he was concieved, was raised by a single mother, without ever knowing who his real father was. His mother was a hooker, so was rarely home with him. The young Baicoi, despite not going to school like normal kids, had an enormous thirst for knowledge. His favourite subject was the World War 2, which he soon became obsessed with. At age 15 he was diagnosed with schizophrenia, and his mother sent him to a mental facility in Siberia. The rift between the young Baicoi and reality became larger and larger, and his obssession with WW2 took over him. He was soon convinced he was a russian soldier fighting to defend his beloved Stalingrad.
He soon escaped the mental facility and began a life in the woods. Here it was that he made a friend, a large rotten log. But of course it was not just a log to him; to him the log was none other than Black Snow, the Bazooka M25 with which he defends Stalingrad.
Lady luck came by and the young Baicoi, who now adopted the name of Serg. Bazooka, was discovered by a wrestling promoter by accident, while the latter was hunting in the siberian woods. After careful sweet talking the promoter somehow convinced Serg. Bazooka to join him; legend has it that Serg. Bazooka only agreed to come along if "it would mean the downfall of the 3rd Reich".
Serg. Bazooka is a peculier, but somehow funny character, as the fans enjoy his constant talking to Black Snow, as well as his heart and desire to defend Stalingrad at any cost.
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Serg. Bazooka
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