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 The Ghost Rider has arrived.

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Victor Blaze

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PostSubject: The Ghost Rider has arrived.   Wed Dec 11, 2013 9:18 am

The arena lights turned an eerie dark blue as the titantron showed the picture of a flaming skull and Ghost Riders in the Sky by Spiderbait started playing. Flames surrounded the stage and the ramp as a double-toned, manic laugh was heard. Suddenly a motorcycle with flaming wheels rode through the entrance onto the stage, a leather-clad man with a flaming skull for a head riding it.

Another double-toned manic laugh was heard, as he revved the engine and the flames rose for a moment as he did. He then made his way down the ramp and stopped in front of the ring, a trail of fire following the bike. As he turned the engine off, the flames on the wheels of the bike and the flames surrounding the stage and the ramp disappeared.

He dismounted and entered the ring, taking a microphone as he did. He held the mic to his skull as his mouth opened and people waited silently what the newcomer was going to say.

"I am Victor Blaze..." He started in his demonic, double-toned voice. "... The Devil has asked his Enforcer to rid this company of evil. I am here to send all the corrupt to Hell. I am the Ghost Rider..." He said, before he laughed manically once more. The lights returned to normal as he waited for the opponent of his debut match to show himself.
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The Ghost Rider has arrived.
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