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Ivan Borovsky
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PostSubject: Guest Commentator   Sat Dec 07, 2013 6:56 pm

** GM Phil Barnabush is in his office lounged back talking business on the phone in his office. **

GM Phil Barnabush: ...Well that's too bad. I'm not negotiating.

** A knock is heard at the door. Phil holds the phone away from his mouth for a second to yell to them. **

GM Phil Barnabush: It's open.

** Tennis Chef walks in the door. Phil facepalms and shoos him away. Tennis Chef, not understanding what the hand motion means, continues walking toward him and sits across from him in the chair next to his desk. Phil becomes angry, but does not want to scream while on the phone. **

GM Phil Barnabush: Just tell him that I won't negotiate. He can either accept it or find someone else. I have to go. Call me back.

** He hangs up the phone and looks at Tennis Chef with an evil eye. Tennis Chef smiles and begins talking. **

Tennis Chef: Well, I was-

GM Phil Barnabush: What in the hell are you doing here? You didn't schedule a meeting with me. Who do you think you are? Tennis Chef, you don't even have a legitimate contract with S.W.S., and you have the nerve to walk in here and sit down while I'm on the phone?!

Tennis Chef: I wanted to talk about tonight.

GM Phil Barnabush: No, you're not getting a match. This is Second Home by the Sea. It's a show for stars. It's not a show for you. You can have another match next season... maybe.

** Tennis Chef looks down at his feet and then back up. **

Tennis Chef: I'm not here for a match. I wanted to talk to you about the possibility of commentating...

GM Phil Barnabush: Absolutely not.

Tennis Chef: Listen! I talked to James and he said that it would be great if we could do commentary together. We agreed that I would follow his lead and he would take me under his wing. Call him right now.

GM Phil Barnabush: I can't call him. He's doing his job... Fine. You can do commentary. But I need to figure out which match first.

** He looks down at a paper on his desk. The camera pans over it and it shows the match card in order. He points his finger at the first match on the list: CPS GONNA KILL YOU vs. JC Mystery. **

GM Phil Barnabush: You can commentate CPS's match. You better follow James and let him do most of the talking.

Tennis Chef: Of course. Of course. That's an excellent match choice, Phil. I am very knowledgeable about both of them.

GM Phil Barnabush: We'll see...

** Tennis Chef remains seated. Phil looks at him in disgust. Finally, after moments of awkward silence, Phil speaks. **

GM Phil Barnabush: You can leave now. Actually, head out to ringside because the match is first.

Tennis Chef: Thank you.

** Tennis Chef leaves. He does not close the door behind him much to Phil's dismay. **

GM Phil Barnabush: DAMN IT! DAMN IT ALL!

** He stands up and walks toward the open door. He slams it shut. **

GM Phil Barnabush: Damn you, Tennis Chef.

** The camera cuts. **
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